Thursday, October 28, 2021


Peace Talks with Taliban- What’s Inside The Deal To End War & Pullout Of US Troops?

The US and the Taliban agreed to end the 18 years of war that cost thousands of lives and bring peace. The Peace deal...

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Islamabad Police Introduce Self-Defense Courses To Educate Women Against Gender-Based Violence

The federal capital Islamabad police take initiative to educate women against gender-based violence and also let them learn how to take self-defense. They have...


Deadly Covid-19 and increasing Violence against Doctors – Brutal Attack on Dr. Rashid in AJK

Nowadays, the world appears to be on a cliff edge. It has been very clear from the beginning of COVID-19 that the world has...

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Is It Weird To Talk To Yourself?- Feel It, Will Reveal It

Talk to yourself- Is it weird to talk to yourself?: Do you really think that it is weird to talk to yourself? Talking to yourself...

How To Deal With Disappointment- Understanding To Get Rid Of It

Before moving towards " How to deal with disappointment" I want to clarify that what actually disappointment is in psychological terms? Basically, it's an...


SpaceX successfully sends first all-civilian crew into Earth orbit

SpaceX brought another desirable thought for civilian tourists that they are now able to ride in space in a rocket or capsule. This initiative...