Corona virus
Spread of Corona Virus In Human Being

What Is Corona Virus?

Do you have any idea about what is Corona Virus.? From the past days, many believe that Coronavirus a Biological weapon. But who invented that biowarfare.? Who wants to destroy whom.? As we notice from the analysis that the world isolated China. Almost all countries that are close to China can affect China’s economy. This chemical warfare can damage the image of China maybe it can bring China out of the economic race. Conspiracy theories are growing increasingly than the Coronavirus itself.

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The World Health Organization Announced: “The Coronavirus raises public health interests worldwide. WHO has defined a pandemic like the spread of a new disease worldwide. The US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) calls it A disease that spreads to many countries and affecting a large number of people. The term pandemic is applied to the disease that affects a large number of people worldwide.

Britain’s Health and Safety Executive says that the coronavirus outbreak is clearly different from the recent circulating stress, especially if humans have little or no immunity to it.

Symptoms Of Corona Virus & Its Prevention

Coronavirus infections 2019 reported that from this virus people become severely ill and dying. According to the CDC, at this time symptoms may appear in like 2 days or as long as 14 after exposure. Symptoms can include Fear, cough and also issues with breathing.

Types Of Coronaviruses

What is Corona Virus? What are the types of Coronavirus.? Any idea? Ok, let me tell you that Common human coronaviruses, including types. Such as 229E, NL63, HKU1, and OC43. This usually causes mild to moderate upper-respiratory tract illnesses. like we can say the common cold. Most people become a victim of this virus at some point in their lives. These illnesses remain for a short amount of time. Coronavirus symptoms may include:

  • Runny nose
  • Headache & cough
  • sore throat & fever
  • A feeling of being unwell

Human coronaviruses can sometimes cause other diseases. Such as pneumonia or bronchitis. Also, cardiopulmonary disease, people with weakened immune systems, newborns, and older adults.

Other Human Coronaviruses

There are 2 more types of coronaviruses that are., MERS and SARS. These two types are severe. MERS symptoms are normally fever, cough, and shortness of breath which may cause pneumonia. According to the report, around 3 or 4 out of every 10 patients with MERS have died. SARS symptoms are fever, chills, and body aches which may also cause pneumonia. No human cases of SARS have announced anywhere in the world after 2003.

Prevention & Treatment

What is Corona Virus.? Any idea regarding the prevention of Corona Virus.? Currently, there is no vaccine to stop coronavirus disease. The best way to prevent such an infection is to avoid being exposed to this virus. However, There are some CDC recommendations to prevent the spread of this deadly virus.

  • You need to avoid close contact with sick people.
  • People must avoid touching their eyes, nose, and mouth with dirty hands.
  • You need to stay at home when you are sick.
  • Cover your cough or sneeze.
  • Cover your mouth with an antiviral face mask while traveling.
  • Wash your hands, mouth, nose, arms, and feet at least 3 times a day.
  • Also aware other people about what is Corona Virus and how to avoid such kind of virus.

If you are feeling such symptoms, Then you should tell your doctor about any recent travel or contact with animals.

What is Corona Virus- Is Corona Virus A Biological weapon?

Conspiracy Theories:

According to the anti-terrorism act 1989, George Bush signed this law, which is called the Bush-Chinese agreement for the purpose of rebuilding the US defense. This act or agreement was canceled when both became enemies of each other. So there is no real existence. According to Boyle, this deadly coronavirus is a biowarfare or biological weapon that is genetically designed for this purpose.

Boyle rejects the claims about the coronavirus that arising from a Wuhan seafood market or found in bats. Moreover, According to the Indian Institute of Technology, scientists discovered that Wuhan coronavirus was similar to AIDS. It means that it’s not a naturally occurring phenomenon. China is practicing at AIDS drugs to handle infected patients. China is working on developing a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Vaccine.

The United States has had an active program of biological warfare since at least the 1940s. In 1941, it implemented a secret program to develop aggressive and allegedly defensive bioweapons using controversial testing methods.

In 1945, the US Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) announced the program. Until the 1980s, the United States used biological agents against Cuba. During the Vietnam War, millions of civilians suffered death, disability or chronic illnesses from the use of orange and sarin nerve gas, the Pentagon’s most toxic agent.

What is Corona Virus now becomes and controversial issue. One conspiracy idea that is arising is aired by Russian media recently. This says the word “corona”, which means crown in both Latin and Russian. It indicates that Donald Trump is somehow involved. Clearly, this is because he used to preside over beauty exhibitions, handing the winners their crowns. Moreover, scientists named the virus because of its crown-like shape.

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US Denied Conspiracy Theory About Corona Virus

A US official said as a threatening sign that these are the false rumors on the internet regarding Chinese who claim that the virus is a part of US conspiracy to spread germ weapon. It’s may show that China is preparing propaganda to counter any charges that the break out of deadly new coronavirus from Wuhan research laboratories. China deployed troops to Wuhan to stop all 11 million people traveling out of the city to prevent the spread of the virus, which causes symptoms like pneumonia.

What is Corona Virus? Is This A Product Of China’s Bio Warfare Lab?

Recently, reports and YouTube videos on the internet claim that the deadly Wuhan coronavirus is a bioweapon. Also, It has been infected by the Chinese government on the Chinese public.

China has an advanced virus research laboratory, known as the Wuhan Institute of Virology. This is capable of working deadly viruses. According to the Washington report, an Israeli microbiologist has said that the breakout of a virus is likely from a lab associated with China’s biological warfare program. So a former Israeli military intelligence officer Danny Shoham said the organization was affiliated with Beijing’s secret biological weapons program.

China is refusing to have terrible biological weapons. But last year a report by the State Department showed doubts about secret biological warfare. Chinese authorities also said they do not know the origin of the Coronavirus, which has killed many people and affected thousands.

Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Growth By Country

What is Corona Virus.? This deadly disease is often in Wuhan and the connecting areas. These all are the cases that return to their respective countries with that infection. So After exceeding China’s death toll. The total number of deaths in Italy reached 4,032 now.

Here are the recent numbers of cases that are affecting by Coronavirus. Nearly 220,000 people have now been confirmed with the coronavirus and the death toll rises past 11,000 globally.

According to the data collected by Johns Hopkins University in the United States. So the death toll from the new coronavirus has exceeded 5,000 in Europe. Italy, Spain, and Germany reporting an abrupt rise in infections. As worldwide fatalities rose past 11,000 on Saturday.

Confirmed Corona Virus Cases

12 cases move to Australia and often individuals who return from Wuhan or Hubei province. There are more cases such as:

  • USA cases rose by 5,894 reaching a growth of 76%
  • Italy cases rose by 5,322 reaching a growth of 15%
  • Spain cases rose by 4,053 reaching a growth of 29%
  • Germany cases rose by 2,993 reaching a growth of 24%
  • France cases also rose by 1,828 reaching a growth of 20%
  • Switzerland cases grew by 1,047 reaching a growth of 35%
  • Iran cases rose by 1,046 reaching a growth of 6%
  • Israel cases rose by 244 reaching a growth of 56%
  • Czechia cases also rose by 230 reaching a growth of 50%
  • Norway cases rose by 196 reaching a growth of 13%
  • Sweden cases increased by 160 reaching a growth of 13%
  • Pakistan cases increased by 155 reaching a growth of 52%
  • South Korea cases increased by 152 equalling a growth of 2%
  • United Arab Emirates cases rose by 27 reaching a growth of 24%
  • Mexico cases rose by 25 reaching a growth of 27%
  • Croatia cases rose by 24 reaching a growth of 30%
  • Austria cases rose by 367 reaching a growth of 22%
  • Portugal cases rose by 337 reaching a growth of 75%
  • Belgium cases also rose by 309 reaching a growth of 21%
  • Ireland cases rose by 265 reaching a growth of 91%
  • Saudi Arabia cases increased by 103 equalling a growth of 60%
  • Turkey cases increased by 94 reaching a growth of 96%
  • Indonesia cases also rose by 84 reaching a growth of 37%
  • Iceland cases rose by 80 reaching a growth of 32%
  • Finland cases rose by 64 reaching a growth of 19%
  • Armenia cases rose by 31 reaching a growth of 37%
  • Iraq cases rose by 28 reaching a growth of 17%

So most of the cases mentioned above are regarding Chinese citizens or those who have returned from Wuhan in most or all cases. As we watched in different media and news that these cases can infect others in their countries.


Biological Weapons Convention

Recently An Israeli doctor who is in military intelligence also said that he doubts about the Wuhan Institute of Virology. When a group of Chinese virologists working in Canada & sent samples to China that included the Ebola virus. Then it declared the world’s most dangerous virus. In addition, Mr. Shoham said the Wuhan Institute is one of four Chinese laboratories that are engaged in certain aspects of biological weapons development.

He also said that the secure Wuhan National Biosafety Laboratory was working on Ebola, Nipah and hemorrhagic fever viruses. But some of the laboratories within it “belong to PLA or BW-related elements in the Chinese defense establishment.

The biosafety lab is also about 20 miles from the Wuhan Seafood market. So according to reports from China may be the origin of the virus. But now, no one knows the exact truth about what is Corona Virus and from where it has been originated.?



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