Violence against women’s rights 

Women’s rights are fundamental rights that were given by the constitution of Pakistan 1973 in article 8-28. These rights are also given by the universal declaration of human rights (UDHR). These rights include the rights to life, liberty, and freedom, the right to freedom from violence. Moreover, it also includes slavery and discrimination, the right to education, to own property, to vote, right of job. And earn a fair and equal wage, right to marry and also right of no torture you, right to privacy.

Women’s rights are rights inherent to all women whatever over nationality, race, religion, color, language or any other status.
The concept of women’s right in Islam is broader than mere fundamental rights guaranteed by constitution of Pakistan 1973.

In accordance with saying of the holy prophet of Islam”
Islam gives men and women equal rights.


According to QURAN. “Women have rights similar to those (of men) over them in kindness, and men are a degree above them.”(Quran 2:228)

“And for women are rights over men, similar to those of men over women”. (Quran 2:228)
“Never will I allow the lose of the work of any worker amongst you, Male or Female; you are of one another”.(Quran 3:195)

And the Prophet (PBUH) said: “I urge you to treat women well”. (Al-Bukhari, 331; Al-Muslim 1468)

Violence against women (VAW)

Gender-Based Violence (GBV)

VAW also know as GBV is, collectively violent acts that are primarily or exclusively committed against women. UN describes VAW as “ any act of GBV that results in or is likely to result in, physical, sexual or psychological harm or suffering to women. This includes threats of such acts, coercion arbitrary deprivation of liberty, whether occurring in public or private life”.

The UN declaration on the Elimination of violence against women (1993) states. “VAW is a manifestation of historically unequal power relations between men and women”. Violence against women is one of the crucial social mechanisms.

Thus Violence against women’s rights have several categories these include violence by “Individuals” and also violence by “States.”  Violence by individuals are rape, domestic violence, sexual harassment, honor killings, dowry violence, female genital mutilation and marriage by abduction.

Violence against women’s rights

State also perpetrate form of violence such as war rape; sexual violence and sexual slavery during conflict; violence by police and authorities. Some forms of violence against women are trafficking in women and forced prostitution.

Hence Violence includes honor killing, acid throwing, bride burning, child marriages, exchange of females to settle disputes (sawara / Vanni), marry with Qura,an.

In Pakistan there are many factors of violence against women. These are : unemployment, lack of education, poverty, cultural norms, tribe system, low economic status, more children, no son and more daughters, caste difference, drug addiction etc.

Women face discrimination and violence on a daily basis. Violence against women’s rights is affecting every society of the world. In fact, society thinks it is an obstacle to achieve equality, development, and peace. Iqbal said in his poetry “the color in the universe is from the existence of the female”.


Violence Against Women or Gender Base Violence is under discussion in many books and articles. 
Muhammad Jehanzeeb Noor 2004 in his research violence against women writes that domestic violence mean the abuse of a wife by her husband or a niece by her uncle,or a daughter in law by her mother in law. He says that social condition of men, expectations of a household income from women, the custom of dowry, also social values etc are factors of domestic violence. Pakeeza 2018 writes that women had no rights over their children, inheritance, property, choice of marriage etc.

Pakistani women faced unfair treatment on a regular basis due to various cultural and social norms. Nosheen 2011 writes that violence against women may start prior to birth with sex-selective abortions and may continue up to adulthood leading to untold misery. During childhood, female children may be ignored in aspects of health, education and opportunities in comparison to male children.  

Ayesha Qaisrani, Sadaf Liaquat and Elisha Noel Khokhar 2016 write in their research that women in both rural and urban, still face violence may vary from place to place and on the basis of different socio-economic levels. In Punjab harassment, divorce and domestic violence are high. In semi-urban areas of Punjab like Khanewal had more cases of crimes like Karo Kari (honor killing), Vani (forced child marriage) and Watta satta ( bride exchange with other issues. Women of urban areas still face considerable social hurdles that result in a violation of their rights.

Babar 2007 explains that perpetual infliction of violence against women in Pakistan is quite often due to traditional association of men honor with women’s freedom and liberty. Pakistani society is a patriarchal society where culture, tradition, and the social sector are deep-rooted in society and are responsible for violence against women.

Palwasha Khan 28 Aug 2017 in her articles violence of women right in Pakistan writes that Pakistani society usually adopts a hostile attitudes towards the women. The Violence against women is a very alarming situation in the country because it is getting brutal day by day. There was no control in violence against women’s rights as several legislative developments to strengthen the women’s protection system. In fact officials are not implying laws. Women in Pakistan do not possess their due rights, guaranteed by the constitution.


Then Muhammad Haroon Bahlkani 2009 writes in his article that women in Pakistan face all kinds of gross violence and abuse at the hands of the male perpetrators, family members and state agents. Women in Pakistan live in fear. In Pakistan millions of women face traditions which enforced extreme seclusion and submission to men.

Violence is direct violence when women are killed because of suspicion or some other reason by a relative. If this act of violence is followed by many other men then it is structural violence and when it becomes a societal cultural VAW and Pakistani society is behaving that is reflecting a cultural VAW (Babar, 2007)

In fact In our society women are not aware of their rights that Islam and constitution gives to them.

There is no proper education for men and women in rural areas. They didn’t know their rights and duties.
The main cause of Violence against women is that both men and women are not aware of the teachings of Islam.

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