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European Council President Charles Michael made a call to the Prime Minister of Pakistan on Thursday and talked about Afghanistan’s unfolding situation. He also the strength of courtesy and appreciation to Imran Khan that he helped to evacuate the national workers from an international organization.

Although they have called to other leaders as well but no one gave them a positive response some of them ended the call by saying “yes” or “no” while some of them did not bother to answer them. Therefore no other regional and international leaders were ready to help them. However the Prime Minister Imran khan showed courage and moved forward to help them without any uncertainty.

He tried to safely evacuate thousands of people from Afghanistan and this was his immediate response to the US journalist Glenn Beck. Besides that he also provide them assistance on generously by rising above political, religious, international, and regional differences.

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They more grateful and showed appreication to Pakistan that they helped the US with a peaceful negotiation with Afghan Taliban. Due to which the Afghan Taliban granted them with the approval of  aircraft with more than 1,000 people that also incorporate the players of the Afghan women’s national football team and their family members, onboard to leave Mazar-i-Sharif International Airport in northern Afghanistan.

US journalist Glen Beck greatly appreciate and thanked to the Prime Minister of Pakistan on his humble gesture towards them. They are in hope that the Pakistani premier will further assist them whenever they need them and protect them. On this greatness of Imran Khan the president of US Joe Biden also manifest humaility and compassion on his assistance which he laid down for the  US and its allies.


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