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A finance company in the United States decided to give $1300 allowance to the individuals on watching 13 horror films in the month of October. This will helps to check whether high-budget horror films deliver more scares than low-budget ones.

An upcoming season ” Spooky” would soonly on-air on mainstream media and FiananceBuzz is eager to recognize the reaction of the individual on this season. They want to know that the movies with higher budgets are scarier than the movies with low budgets.

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So for this activity, FiananceBuzz engaged the “Horror Movie Heart Rate Analyst” to check the heart rate of the participants while watching 13 scary movies. This is how the audience will help us to know that either budget is important in scary movies or their dread-inducing shots made them afraid and scary.

FiananceBuzz announces an activity for their audience that they have to watch 13 scary movies. The horror movie rate analysts will record their heartbeat on that they will be awarded perks. The perks are $1,300 and a $50 gift card to cover the rental costs of the fright fest.


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