Naz Shah is one of the most dynamic speakers in the British Parliament this week as she discusses the sanctity of the Holy Prophet Muhammad. Shah said Muslims worldwide feel stressed as a result of the disrespect the prophet Muhammad exhibited through cartoons.

In her speech, she explores the sensitivity of Britons to Churchill and Cromwell to articulate the deep respect and admiration Muslims have for the Holy Prophet. In addition, cartoons and caricatures depicting the Holy Prophet Muhammad produced by European nations damage Muslims globally.

Parliamentarians from the Labour Party described common punishments for damaging statues of figures. Vandalism of the statute will result in a 10-year jail term if this bill is approved.

“This proposed legislation will introduce a maximum ten-year sentence for those who damage or attack statues – establishing significantly higher penalties,” she added.

“Which raises the question – why? It is bizarre to have a much more significant potential penalty for wrecking a stone or iron statue than a stone wall, especially when their physical form is similar; neither can be destroyed nor have their feelings hurt, and they are made of the same elements, but still one has much more importance? In her speech, Naz Shah simply asked why.

Prophet sanctity needs to be safeguarded

The Muslim community in the UK and global violence face problems in terms of respect for the Holy Prophet Muhammad.

She went on to say, “The lives and teachings of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) are more valuable to us than anything in this world,” in the estimation of millions of Muslims in this country and a quarter of the world’s population that is Muslim.

Apparently, Naz Shah implied that Muslims admire Holy Prophet Muhammad in the same way that Britons admire their historical figures. According to her, there should also be comparable legislation and protection for the honor and sanctity of Prophet Muhammad.

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It is unbearable to witness bigots and racists defaming, slandering, or abusing our Prophet (peace be upon him), just as some people did to Churchill. For 2 billion Muslims, he is their hero and the foundation of their identity and existence.

“Those who claim this is only a cartoon will have to understand that it’s a strong sense of identity when it comes to our culture, history, and heritage. Cartoons and statues are not the same. Shah said that as human beings, they represent, symbolize, and hold a lot of significance for us.

In addition, she quoted George Bernard Shaw, who said of Muhammad: “He is by far the most distinguished descendant of Abraham.” His teachings were the basis of a religion, a state, a moral code, numerous social and political reforms, a forceful society constructed to practice his ideas. They completely revolutionized the thought and behavior of humans for all time.”

Pakistani prime minister confronts Islamophobia

Imran Khan also emphasized the need to respect and honor the Holy Prophet Muhammad. He uses every platform at his disposal to fight Islamophobia by speaking at the United Nations General Assembly, giving interviews to foreign media, and managing to reach out to his social media audience.

He has always fought to honor and respect the Holy Prophet Muhammad since becoming Pakistan’s premier.

“The West should apologize to him for offending the sentiments of Muslims, he said in April. Aside from criticizing Islamophobia and racist slurs, the Prime Minister also criticized the 1.3 billion Muslims across the globe who suffer from hostile speech and verbal abuse under the guise of freedom of speech.

“We Muslims love and respect our Prophet Muhammad PBUH, who lives in our hearts. This kind of disrespect and abuse cannot be tolerated.”

According to PM Imran, those in the West who deliberately commit acts of abuse and hate under the guise of free speech lack moral sense and courage.

Additionally, he calls on governments to use the same standards in punishing those deliberately spreading their message of hatred toward Muslims by insulting our Prophet PBUH as those who have outlawed negative comments about the Holocaust.

Additionally, Khan asked for a ban on Islamophobic content on Facebook, which is similar to the Holocaust ban Facebook has.

A letter from Pakistan’s premier to the company’s CEO said that increasing Islamophobia was “engaging hate, extremism, and violence around the world, especially on social media platforms like Facebook.”


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