There aren’t many doubts about how gifted of a player Indian cricket team captain, Virat Kohli, truly is. However, when it comes to keeping his temperament in check on the field – well, that’s a different story altogether.

Another one of his acts, where Kohli could be seen lashing out, recently made rounds on Twitter. On the third day of the India v South Africa test match, in the 21st over of the South Africa innings, Elgar was pinned on the pad by Ashwin, with the umpire raising his finger for an LBW decision. 

Virat Kohli walked up to the stumps and said: “Focus on your team as well and not just the opposition. Always trying to catch people”. Virat Kohli speaking right into the stump mic indicating that the DRS is definitely rigged to favour South Africa. #INDvsSA #ViratKohli
— Avish Sidhwani (@SidhwaniAvish) January 14, 2022

However, the batter reviewed the decision and had the decision overturned after Hawk-Eye ball-tracking showed the ball to be going over the stumps – the decision appeared to shock India and Kohli in particular, with the visiting skipper seen kicking the air in frustration.

The Indian skipper was then picked up by television cameras walking over to the stumps to talk into the mic and appeared to criticise SuperSport, the host broadcaster. Kohli was heard saying, “Focus on your team as well when they shine the ball, not just the opposition, trying to catch people all the time.”

Soon after the clip went viral on Twitter, many went on to take a jibe at the Indian batsman. We bring you the funniest memes and reactions to Kohli’s apparent meltdown:

If you know, you know.

Which one of you is my off stump
— Abdullah Bhutto (@Abbhutto277) January 14, 2022

Life imitates art
— Taimur Mughal (@iMTaimur1) January 14, 2022

Where is my candy!!!
— Munzir Khalil (@MK_AK47) January 14, 2022

Maybe spend less time whining about the DRS, accusing the whole country being against you and more time batting well AND taking your catches 🤷🏻‍♂️
— Ammar. (@Ammar_AliKhan) January 14, 2022

Sorry but I had to do this😭😭
— Kanav Bali🏏 (@Concussion__Sub) January 13, 2022

“Mein keh raha hoon… one Big Mac meal aur do happy meals… no no… no upsize… one girl toy one boy toy”
— a (@A_d_R_80) January 14, 2022

Supersports – 1
India – 0
— Dennis Deportovic (@DennisCricket_) January 14, 2022

Indian vice-captain KL Rahul and Ashwin both appeared to accuse SuperSport of influencing the ball-tracking device. Rahul was heard to say, “The whole country is playing against 11 guys.” Ashwin, who had celebrated what he thought was a vital breakthrough, said, “You should find better ways to win, SuperSport.”

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