A Turkish football match turned into chaos when a violent supporter entered the pitch and attacked a player.

The TFF second division match between Goztepe and Altay quickly boiled over as the local match attracted global attention for all of the wrong reasons.

The Goztepe supporter made his way onto the pitch holding a corner flagTwitter: @gchahal

He approached the unassuming goalkeeper from behindTwitter: @gchahal

The goalkeeper was hit on multiple occasions by the supporterTwitter: @gchahal

Altay goalkeeper Ozan Evrim Ozenc was the victim of the incident as he was subjected to a vicious attack by a supporter of the home team.

Following a stoppage in play due to an ambulance being on the pitch to handle a previous stoppage, Ozenc was in discussions with one of his teammates when a supporter made his way onto the pitch.

With a corner flag in hand, the fan run up behind the goalkeeper before unleashing a series of agressive blows with the weapon.

The 29-year-old goalkeeper was hit twice, leading to the corner flag splintering into pieces as the other supporters watched on in disbelief.

After hitting Ozenc in several occasions, the supporter was eventually wrestled to the ground and removed, with the goalkeeper sent to hospital to be checked over.

The thug was eventually wrestled to the ground and restrainedTwitter: @gchahal

The referee then decided to call the match off as a result of the ugly scenes.


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