truth and prejudice

Is their prejudice not letting them see the reality as it is? They talk of the inter-sect conflicts but do not mention the extremism and hatred born in the secular West that bleeds the Africa, Missouri, Japan, Vietnam, the entire Muslim World and yes, its own people too.

They do notice the malpractices of some of the individuals in the Khilafah who forcefully took Jizya from newly Muslims(which the system did not endorse, rather eradicated them as soon as possible) but they fail to acknowledge that in secular states, the seizure of civilian property by force and making them penniless is legal and is enforced by the system itself.

They say that Turkey’s material development took place after when the Khilafah was abolished and a completely secular model was adopted. But they forget that for 1200 years the state that led the world intellectually, politically, economically, got this position just because of its pure implementation of the Islamic system. Because of the Industrial Revolution and the influx of secular ideas, the corruption in the implementation of Islam was the reason why the Ottoman Caliphate was weakened to such a point that our enemies got an opportunity to use this reality against us. Then we also see that when Sultan Abdul Hameed II reversed the secular reforms, the Khilafah made significant progress in a very short time proving secularism is a toxin for us.(See: The Fall and Rise of the Islamic State by Noah Feldman)

They do see that in the 1300-year history of the Khilafah, there have been multiple caliphs on a few occasions (which was a rebellion against the system, not that the system encouraged it), but they don’t even want to think about how this one ummah has, at the moment, instead of 1 ruler, not 2, not 3, nor 4 but 58+ rulers! What about the division and hatred created, maintained, and propagated by this purely secular project of Nation-States? Are they not bothered by this ‘abnormal distribution of power’?

Systematic discrimination, systematic injustice, state-sponsored oppression against minorities, allowing top 1% to exploit the bottom 99% of the world’s population in name of ‘freedom of ownership’, imposing war on our lands, looting our resources, enslaving our economies, polluting our social structure under the mask of so-called freedom & equality, wasting 75 thousand of our brave soldiers, displacing millions of our brethren, killing billions of humans to secure their filthy interests…who are right now forcing our government to freeze OUR salaries!

All these facts revealing the real face of the West, unlike their arguments, which are not about the abuse of power by a few individuals. These are rather the Unforgivable Crimes of the Secular Ideology, which continue to this day. When your choice is this ideology and her system built on fraudulence, treachery, crimes, selfishness, colonization, looting, oppression, injustice, exploitation, discrimination, enmity, hatred, revenge, and you hope for justice and peace too, then I can only say: ‘Enjoy your stay in Fool’s Paradise, sir’.

For 1300 years there was no legislative body in the Islamic state, since “Legislation is not but for Allah swt”(surah Yusuf verse 40) and we know, the world changes drastically every 20 years. So imagine, how much the world must have changed in these 13 centuries! Yet we still remained the most modern and the most developed state in the whole world. So this argument, that Islam shall push us back to the Stone Age, is wrong. Islam is a Deen(System of life) free from the confinement of time and place. It is a guide for all human beings, till the Day of Judgment.

Of course Khilafat is for humans and of course it is applied by humans too, who are not perfect in any way, nor free from weaknesses and flaws. But remember, the system is an ultimate perfection in itself, because it came from our Creator Allah swt who himself is Perfect, free from every flaw. This is unlike secularism which originated from inevitably flawed human intellect and so is inherently flawed. That is why under Khilafah, even in its weakest epoch, the society was not in such a pathetic state as it is now under capitalist secular world order. The rulers were human beings, not angels. At times they were weak in the implementation of Islam and we suffered too. But whenever people of strong character and piety rose to power(Hazrat Umar bin Abdulaziz, Sulaiman al Qanooni, Sultan Muhammad Al-Fatih, Sultan Saleem III, Sultan Abdul Hameed II to name a few), then humanity saw the same springs as were seen during the ideal model of Khilafat e Rashidah. We can witness this successful model, today, too, provided we stop defending Secularism, instead, invest our energies to fulfil this prophecy of RasoolAllah s.a.w.w “And then there will be Khilafah upon the method of Prophethood..”(Ahmed).

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Anyone who believes in Allah as the Creator, the Sovereign, and the Ruler.. anyone who believes that the Hour will come and then we will have to answer for each of our actions, he denies these false secular ideologies of capitalism and communism. He strongly refuses every false belief like atheism, secularism and liberalism, and he rejects any system that comes out of them(be it democracy, dictatorship, or monarchy). An enlightened Muslim considers the true ideology of Islam and its Khilafah system as the only way of salvation for humanity.

Instead of using past mistakes as excuses for further disobedience to Allah SWT, we should learn from them, and make sure that we do not repeat them once we are successful in the re-establishment of Khilafah. It is high time that we join hands with those who are actively struggling for the revival of Islam.
“O You who have believed, if you support Allah, he will support you and plant firmly your feet. But those who disbelieve, for them is misery and He will waste their deeds. This is because they disliked what Allah revealed, so He rendered their deeds worthless”
(Surah al Muhammad, verse 7-9)

May Allah swt guide us all to the light of Heavens and the Earth.


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