Trump new policies

A few days ago, US President Donald Trump at his farm house in Florida along with his advisory committee, decides to kill Iranian General Qasim Sulaimani. Therefore, the result comes as Iranian generals arrive at Baghdad airport on January 2 and killed with a drone strike. As these are the Trump new policies to protect his foreign interests.

On the second day of the incident, US forces launched an airstrike on al-Shahad al-Shabaabi, killing six people. This crash will benefit both Iran and Trump. As the Iranian government will succeed in ending the several-day insurgency in Iran. 

Trump new policies

While Trump new policies will cash in such moves in the next US presidential election. These are the front news, while the inside story is not so easy and convenient.

US new Budget

If we look back a few days, we witnessed the US $990 billion historical defense budget that goes unhindered by the American Assembly. Shortly before that, there is an attack on a US air base in Iraq on December 27 that is being blamed on Iran. 

While before these two events we observed that various forces in the region were playing their own tricks to fill the vacuum of power that had been created in Iraq and Syria after the end of ISIS and set their own faces on this chessboard.  Iran, Russia, Saudi Arabia and Turkey are the major players in this field. 

Before the arrival of ISIS, the people of Iraq and Syria were fed up with dictatorship, against which the protests turned into rebellion and the rebellion became ISIS.

Power game

It was a power game that the United States was playing behind ISIS and Iran behind Hezbollah and the Al-Quds Brigade.  As long as ISIS was present in the region, US supremacy was established. US had the power to do whatever she wanted. In other words, the Iranian government tried its best to break the American power. 

Iran used Hezbollah and Al- Quds to break this power. For that, Iran Brigade killed a lot of innocent people in Syria and Yemen to break the impasse, which is a different story.

The world came to this situation that America and Iran are now openly facing each other. The United States has also attacked Qasim Sulaimani and announced that he can go to any extent to maintain his power and importance in the Middle East. 

Direct Attack

This is America’s first direct attack on Iran. While no action has yet been seen from Iranian side except a statement. But no action response to the the US step. One of the reasons is that Iran has never been in a position to confront the US. Direct messing with a big power like the United States is like inviting disaster. 

Therefore, Iran will still try to harm US interests through Hezbollah and the Al-Quds Brigade. Which will led a fire in the Middle East. Therefore, in this situation many countries in the region will damage this situation to worse for their interests.  There will be chaos and escalation on this complex collapse of Middle Eastern politics. After that no one will know that who is with whom.

The United States is struggling to regain its weak power, but the United States also knows that the 21st century is very different from the twentieth century. The United States will have to come to terms with sharing power.

Trump new policies


Finally US will understand that the time for “Powersharing” has arrived. Mostly the game will effect Muslim countries.

In view of the situation, the United States has sent 3500 troops to Kuwait, which will be deployed to Iraq and Libya. Turkey has begun sending Syrian-led mujahidin to Libya, whose salaries have been increased. While Iranian sponsored Hezbollah and the Al-Quds Brigade have already taken their positions.

The US Regime Change project succeeded in Sudan, Bolivia. Change project failed in Syria, Pakistan, Venezuela and Iran. Now the project is underway in Iraq, Lebanon, Libya and Chile. The most devastating will be in Libya and Iraq because the Iraq and Libia will now become a battleground for US, Iran, Russia, Turkey and Saudi Arabia.

Russia will use the Iranian assets and Saudi Arabia will play against Al-Akhwan in Libiya with Russia.  Saudi Arabia and Russia will join on same page and US and Turkey will play power game in Libiya against Russia and Saudia. It sounds strange to hear, but this is power game and interest matters.

Therefore, let see how the old America will regains its power and importance. Therefore, Muslim countries haven’t learned from destruction Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Libya, Nigeria, Somalia.  Now wait for more destruction.

Note: All opinion belongs to writer only.

Written by: Irfan Baloch



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