Total football Academy

Total Football Academy

The total football academy is an institute that offers 5-a-side and 7-a-side football pitches in Twin cities. They provide service of 3G artificial turf certified by FIFA quality concept as a FIFA recommended. They also provide floodlights guaranteeing visibility in compliance with English FA guidelines. As twin cities have not enough ground so they are playing their role to provide these facilities for youngsters. They organize different one-day tournaments, weekly tournaments, and many different events regularly.

Recently Totalfootballacademy organized a first-ever U-19 knockout football tournament for the youngsters of twin cities, 24 Teams participated. Different clubs of Rawalpindi and Islamabad participated. The tournament was held at Total Football ground Ayub park Rawalpindi on 7th and 8th December 2019. It’s a perfect opportunity for the youngsters to show their talent against the Best teams and players of twin cities. Mehran FC won the Title of First-Ever U19 knockout Football Tournament and SMURFS FC stand Runner-Ups.

These types of events are the best things these days. As most of the young generation is not playing physicals games and yet became lazy in their daily routine. People need more institutions like Total Football academy so our youth can train themselves and also participate in international tournaments. We know that Pakistan rankings in football are 204 ( Recent report on 25th November). On the other hand, we were at the 96th number in 1959. Moreover, we have to find more talent from society to polish that talent. Football the most playing sport in the world and yet we need to make some arrangments to develop more interest in youth by organizing such tournaments. Due to these tournaments of total football Islamabad and different places, we can develop an interest in youth and polish players to perform better in the bigger tournaments.

Total football Academy

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