Economic Globalization

Written by: WAQAR AHMED

Economic Globalization

Global politics is centered by the International Political Economy, mainly focused on the accumulation of wealth by a few sets of minds(Economic Globalization). The world is globalized after the information technology revolution and this globalized world is a tool of colonizing the minds of people across the globe. After the industrial revolution, the great powers of that time started to abolish the local’s creativity and forced the minds of skilled workers to split their skills and they were compelled to make parts instead of the whole product. Culture started to decline and the surplus of products benefited those who are still controlling the wealth of the globe. World colonized physically the raw material driven to west and product was being sold to the children of a lesser god.

After the end of colonization, an irreversible process of globalization started slowly. United Soviet Union of Russia started to spread a wealth-sharing idea of global governance and the cold war started. Both the USA and USSR earned a lot from a costly business of war and lost many lives. At least after the break of the USSR, Uncle Sam started to manage the business of wealth in the world. The economy started to revolve around the same hands again and an unconventional way of colonization started.

After the fall of the USSR and the Information Revolution, the capitalists started to spread the manufacturing of the product in all across the world. Nowadays the products are assembled in different countries but they are sold by the capitalists. Free markets opened for all but the sellers are only the capitalists. All the cheap labor of populated third world is assembling the products and then watching the ads of them with their greedy eyes. All the services provided in advance countries are run by the low rate call centers of Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, and many other African countries. In the Middle East war has erupted among different ethnic groups and every capitalist is involved in drug and weapon trade. The irony is that the world is again supporting those who are going to colonize the poor nations again. Israel a Zionist state is trying to hold the trade in the Middle East, India a Hindutwa state in South Asia, the UK after Brexit will again unstable Europe and above them, there is a war between China and USA are dreaming to colonize the minds across the globe.

All the wealth generated by the few percents of the world population is accumulated in few hands and it is equal to the rest of wealth through which the world is living from hand to mouth. It is the natural process that after the catastrophe the conscience of what we call the third world realizes the science of disaster. It is a fact that individual wisdom could not do anything if it unless it is not multiplied with the collective wisdom. The capitalists are selling all their products through the romantic ideas of modernism. The world can’t be equal for all. We can’t diminish the line between rich and poor but the wealth of nations can be shared with other nations through a systematic and advanced set of rules. The idea of economic globalization is best for middle classes of the world and the capitalists but it is a death sign for poor. The irony of all the political and economic systems is that they are made for states, not for the individual. The systems are driven by the elites and the idea of communism is a nightmare for them. Although communism is a dream of the Utopians and this dream have no result at all but we have to think in between two hard lines.

Social democracy or the welfare state is the concept of a system that addresses individual rights more precisely than the capitalist state, On the other hand, the Socialist states are failing in Economic Globalization system and are played by the ruling elites. China has more capitalists than any other capitalist country in Asia.
What would be the result of this economic colonization of the world? The world will suffer by the horizons of famine wars and other natural disasters in the next fifty years. Ethnic clashes will be fueled by capitalists for the sake of wealth and a stable poor economic blood-sucking system. Nations state systems will emerge in a new paradigm of cultural and identity crises. The economic globalization will compel the children of lesser god to rethink their blood-sucking system and their defeat from the colonial powers.

There will be a clash of civilizations at the end and the world will again start an evolution. The intellect, science, literature and many other tools of evolution will shift from east to other dimensions. We have to think for batter world and ignore the natural process of evolution and should make this world by distributing all the sustainable resources of survival to the entire human being or otherwise we should fight each other for the survival of the fittest and should accept the natural evolution process.

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Written by: Waqar Ahmed

The writer is a student of Global Politics



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