Sunni vs Shia

Sunni Vs Shia- Division of Middle East

Many Iraqi politicians are denying that they say they are all ideologies and premature claims. While rising distances between Sunni vs Shia leaders on the other side indicate that the middle east region is pushing towards division.

If we look at the map for Middle East Countries and the division plan geographically, we think the plan will start with Anbar province. Later a section of Ninewa, Salahuddin and Diyala provinces will be included. These 3 areas are placed on the Iraqi map that will cut off the rest of Iraq from Syria. That means the establishment of a Sunni state in the region is aims at curbing Iran’s growing influence in the Middle East.

Map For Middle East Countries

Is the USA going to divide Iraq?

As you all know the situation on the map for Middle East countries like Iraq, and Syria. Many innocent people have been killed by this blazing fire for decades. Do you have any idea that How many young people have dreamed of a bright and peaceful future that has become the fuel of this war.?

Mostly my analysis has been based on the Middle East countries, its situation, Shia vs Sunni conflict. Also, from al-Qaeda to the establishment of a brutal organization like ISIS. I already described the rise and fall of the US military in the region in my column. But still, When I think about some issues regarding the Middle East, then my head starts to spin. It is really difficult to understand that in this region. Who is against and who is not. Who is working for whom and who is deceiving. These are the questions whose answers are difficult to examine. 

Current situation In The Middle East- Sunni Vs Shia

If we closely analyze the current situation in the Middle East, The control of the United States over this region is now weakening. But not much weak that Iran and Russia are able to protect the Middle East well against American torture. So far No such situation is currently visible.

Since the invasion of Iraq by US in 2003, Iraq becomes a battleground for Washington and Tehran for conflict. But tensions between the two enemies reached its peak in January 2020, when US drone strikes in Baghdad. As it killed Iraqi deputy head of Iraq’s paramilitary forces Hasad al-Shababi. Also General Qasim Sulaimani and Abu Mahdi al-Mahindis of Iran. It also led to formal attacks on US military bases, which Iran portrayed as revenge and reduced the anger of its citizens to a certain extent. For more information about the Us Invasion of Iraq Click Here.

On the other hand, we see that the Trump administration has imposed more severe sanctions on Iran. However, after Iran’s assassination of Qasim Sulaimani, his Iraqi Shia politicians and their allies went to the Iraqi parliament to submit a resolution to end the 17-year presence of the US military. In the meantime, the absence of the Sunni and Kurdish members in parliament raised many questions.

Will The US leave The Middle East So Easily?

In the past, protests over the withdrawal of US troops in Iraq have blown the US administration’s senses. Now the question is, Will His billions of dollars worth of investment would waste.? The direct withdrawal of the US means giving the Middle East control to Iran. What will be the news in the Middle East.? Will the United States easily put the sensitive and geographically important region in the control of Iran so quietly.? Never!  First of all, the US is not ready to go anywhere from the Middle East. It can go to any extent to maintain its influence in the region. On the other hand, the United States is also considering to divide it to control the region. The story of dividing the subcontinent will be repeated here, by dividing the region into a Sunni vs Shia state.

The Intentions Of The USA- Sunni Vs Shia

Forming a sovereign Sunni region in Iraq has always been an option for the US that could be implemented at any time. But it creates a Sunni vs Shia conflict also many other issues. Because the US is not in favor of giving Iran access to Syria and the Mediterranean. So the establishment of a pro-Sunni state in western Iraq will cut Iran from Syria and make Iran’s access to Hezbollah difficult.

Well, keep in mind that for Washington, the idea of ​​building a Sunni region in Iraq is based on Joe Biden’s 2007 proposal. Now that he is a Democratic Party’s presidential candidate. The best opportunity for the US to implement the scheme in Iraq was from 2006 to 2008 when sectarianism was on the rise in the region. But US control over Iraq was strong at that time. So the scheme was limited to paperwork only. But now the protests to expel US troops from Iraq have sparked a new life in the scheme or plan. In the Middle East countries, the United States is waging a war of survival.

Collapse Of ISIS

After the collapse of ISIS, pro-Shi’ite politicians’ domination over Iraq has forced Sunni leaders to think of Sunni Iraq, rather than united Iraq. Because the Shi’ite leaders in the Iraqi government have taken some decisions without the will od Sunni leaders. As we see the competition between Sunni vs Shia in Iraq begins to fill the vacuum created by ISIS. As a result, the distance between the Sunni and Shi’ite groups began to increase. These distances began with differences. Now, these differences replaced with hostility. The result is extracting as a dividing of Iraq into two parts. Now in the world, communalism is once again wage in the region which will bring even more destruction.

Why Iran Is Against The Sunni Vs Shia Split?

Iran is against this division, but Iran seems helpless in this matter as all the other Arab states along with the United States favor this division. Because the establishment of an anti Sunni vs Shia state in Iraq is in the interest of the Arab countries. They will be able to use this state as a shield in the ongoing war against Iran.

Sunni leaders will not accept any form of Shiite supremacy in the region. Instead, they would prefer to be separated & would never refuse to give the Americans a military base on their land. Because only the United States can assist them in establishing the desired state and the favor will be returned in the form of eternal slavery.

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Written By: Irfan Baloch

Translated by: Maryam Naveed


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