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COVID-19 Crisis: A Difficult Situation

Pakistan is suffering from an enormous hit of the pandemic Coronavirus so as the world. The virus emerged in Wuhan. The capital of Chinese province Hubei latter last year where the country’s death toll reached 3000. The Virus which initially called as “Chinese virus” especially, by President Trump has major socio-economic impacts on all the countries fighting with it.

It surged the global economy to unprecedented low including the crash of the oil market. So Pakistan had its first Covid-19 patient on 26th February shifted from Iran. When a pilgrim traveled back through the Taftan border in Quetta. The Death toll has reached up to 150,000 with a global tally of COVID-19 cases reaches to 2.5 million.

Shortage Of Medical Staff & Doctors

Pakistan’s death toll surpassed 200 and the country faces 300+ cases every day with the infected tally surpassed 9000. The Increase in a number of cases day by day is the biggest challenge for the health department. With a burden of victims over the scarcity of personnel protective equipment (PPE), doctors, and paramedics. In addition to this, already a shortage of staff around 100 doctors and medical staff has been tested positive of COVID-19 with 13 in the provincial capital Quetta.

More than 60 % of the total population of Pakistan is between the age of 15 to 29, which is a huge human and knowledge capital. Youth has always been the backbone of any country and proves helpful in fighting with the disastrous situation if any. As Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s words,

“Get out of tranquillity and step in the practical life. Dedicate your faculties to seek improvement in every field to make the condition of people. It is only then we can be strong enough to counter threats to our nation and defeat our enemies.”

How Many Pre-Med Students Get Admission In Medical Colleges To Become Doctors?

Every year students get admission in Medical colleges in order to become Doctors. Unfortunately, the students getting an education are not creative enough. Uneducated students are not the problem. However, the problem is that people are educated enough to believe what they have been taught. Also not educated enough to question anything from what they have been taught. Equally likely, thousands of students who have completed five years of education in Pharm-D are completely unable to achieve what their education aims to. A lot of them take the license and open a chemist store just to earn a living.

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Similarly, the shortage of qualified MBBS male doctors is also another issue of the country. The majority of the girls maintain their seats in medical colleges annually. As 85 percent of entire students who get admission in medical colleges are women in medical colleges across Pakistan. Female doctors don’t opt to practice after as 50% of them are stop working by in-laws. In such conditions with a limited health budget, how can a country’s health department flourish especially fighting with such a pandemic COVID-19? The government spends around 2.5 million rupees on every medical student studying on a merit seat in a government medical college. According to the general secretary of Pakistan Medical Association around 15,000 doctors are yet not registered in PM&DC. In a crisis like this, a country can fall in a lap to find its goals to fight against the plague.

A Way Forward- Government Support

In the recent situation of Covid-19, the country is devoid of any single researcher who could define the DNA sequence of the Virus and its behavior, unfortunately. The industry of Biotechnology and Health care is still grooming as few students opt to study biotechnology for graduation. And Pakistan is not enhancing with plenty of labs to perform tests for the disease. Only around 60 to 70 thousand people are yet tested for COVID-19 as up to my write up. The government is trying to increase the testing capacity of the country as they claimed to take it to 900,000 by the mid of April.

The government must take serious measures before it gets too late. It needs legislation about doctor’s work and to get a bond signed of their service to the nation up to some years after graduation. Similarly, it is also necessary to develop biotech. Industry and provide scholarships and counseling sessions in order to aware students of the discipline of study. They should also pay attention to the plight of pharmacists necessarily putting special concentration over pharmacy industries. The government sector should also raise pharmacy industries along with private foundations. So that the knowledge of such students may serve the nation in fighting against the pandemics.

Written By: Usman Ali
The writer is a student of International Relations in NUML.



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