smart lockdown

Coronavirus also termed as COVID-19 has put the world into a coop. The total number of confirmed cases globally is around 2,908,527. Also, the worldwide death toll tops 200,000 as per 26th April.

Meanwhile, there is a lockdown implemented by all of the governments globally so that the Virus could be impeded. Rightly implemented lockdown so far is the only best strategy that could be used to avoid the spreading of the virus.

Lockdown was effectuated in the Chinese city “Wuhan”. Since the spurt of COVID-19 and as per reports on 26th April. All of the patients of COVID-19 was discharged from the infirmaries.

While all the other countries are observing lockdown, Pakistan also has been in solitary mode. Azad Kashmir (Pakistan administered) had the lowest ratio of people impaired. Lockdown was in effect from the starting up of Corona cases in Pakistan. Due to the economic problems and at the same time, lockdown people were frustrated.

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The people of Azad Kashmir urged the government to provide relief packages. As it was arduous for them to deal especially with the daily wagers in order to survive but the government had something else in mind.

Smart Lockdown

Since the lockdown was in effect the scattering was somehow avoided. But formerly the government of Azad Kashmir instead of proving solace had decided to put forth the smart lockdown. Which was totally not that much smart. Since the smart lockdown, there is a huge stampede of people in markets, inns, Playgrounds. The num of patients had also increased since the new strategy of the government.

During the smart lockdown, markets will be opened five days a week from 8 am to 4 pm with no enactment on SOP. Azad Kashmir is a state that lacks almost all of the medical installations. Also with a low number of settlements for patients, protective gears, quarantines. To track down an infected one is exceptionally a hard task.

In an area of more than 5,000,000 people, with the insufficiency of medical establishments, Azad Kashmir can soon be listed in the areas most phony due to Coronavirus. If critical steps are not carried out at the moment. The government needs to amp up and take the necessary steps before the people grieve more than that they could’ve deterred.

Written by: Haroon Rauf



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