Serie A Top Scorer

Serie A Top Scorer

Italian Football Federation (FIGC) president Gabriele Gravina said the 2019-20 Serie A top scorer season must be completed between the coronavirus outbreak.

Italy’s top-flight suspended generally last month due to the spread of COVID-19. Therefore, the FIGC has already stated that the campaign won’t resume until the health and safety of all concerned are often guaranteed.

The Italian government has prolonged its current strict restrictions on movement and outdoor activities until May 3. Although reports within the country in the week suggested some clubs are interested to return to training at that point. Resume playing by the top of an equivalent month and conclude 2019-20 in July.

Thus, some teams are unwilling to resume the season. Which saw defending champions Juventus some extent beyond Lazio through 26 games at the time of postponement. But Gravina hopes the campaign restarts as soon as possible.

“I’ll repeat what I have been saying: we’ll start again once there’s the guarantee of everything being so as with regard to the health of the athletes and people who work on the clubs,” Gravina told Sky Calcio Club.

“We have a gathering on the 15th of this month between the varied technical and scientific bodies to debate subsequent steps. We’d like everyone to get on an equivalent page.

“The hope is we start again as soon as possible. But we must complete the season – there might be very negative implications if we’re unable to try to to so.”

After Lazio president Claudio Lotito declared his team was able to start playing. Brescia counterpart Massimo Cellino insisted his club wouldn’t resume this season.

Lotito wants to urge back on the pitch

“I see an excessive amount of selfishness and too many of us trying to require advantage of this example,”. He told the Giornale di, Brescia.

“Lotito wants to urge back on the pitch? I listen only to those that need to be listened to. I do not even know if Lotito represents Lazio since he’s the sole president of their board of directors.

“Seriously, allow them to take a walk around Brescia and see what’s happening here. I do not want any advantages. I am not scared of relegation. Because I do know the club won’t go bankrupt and we’ll earn our place back in Serie A top scorer.”

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The coronavirus has killed a minimum of 114,170 people across the world, with over 1,851,400 confirmed cases.

Italy – which remains on lockdown – has recorded quite 19,890 deaths and over 156,360 cases.


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