Is Shopping a Great Stress Buster?

Have you ever feel better after carrying some laden bags from your favorite store.? Shopping makes yourself feel better especially after a frustrating day? Shopping is something that makes you forgot all about your stress, worries, and sour mood and makes you more cheerful. Maybe you are the kind of person who prefers online shopping instead of going to different stores. The method of relieving stress and boosting mood is called “Retail Therapy”. This is an act of buying something even you don’t need that. You do this because this helps you in boosting your mood when you are feeling low or stressed.

Does ‘Retail Therapy’ Really Work?

According to a survey conducted by Penn State researcher, A group of regular people who shopped and bought themselves a treat in the past week. They found that 62% of those purchases had been made in an effort to improve the sour mood. One study on the demographics of compulsive buying showed that women and teens were more prone to shopping and buying stuff.

Another study conducted in 2011, focused on 407 adults in three different experiments. The study concludes that unplanned shopping helps people in relieving mood. Moreover, retail therapy shop usually doesn’t involve negative effects like buyers remorse, guilt, anxiety, or distress, etc.

Why People Prefer To Shop When They Are Stressed?

Dopamine is some kind of chemical in the brain and when it releases, it creates feelings of happiness and comfort. Similarly, shopping makes you feel good because it triggers the release of dopamine. There are some more situations that triggered the release of dopamine. Such as when after a troublesome match your team wins the final or when your presentation goes well. That’s the time when dopamine provoked you. But these waves of happiness or excitement may motivate but it doesn’t last very long. When it comes to shopping Dopamine is supported more by the anticipation of an event than by the event itself. 

doctors retail therapy

This happens when people get angry over small things and spoils their mood. Or they are stressed due to their tough routine and they feel that they have no control over the circumstances and their feelings. That time the doctors retail therapy is a coping mechanism and proved to be much effective for people to get out of such an environment.

In general, people get down or irritable because they feel out of control. When you are in a sour mood, it is often related to a sense of anxiety that you do not have control over your circumstances or environment. If you do not prefer the therapy frequently then just keep some money aside for your specific or irregular preference shopping.

Emotional Spending- A Big Issue?

How much do you know about Emotional Spending.? It basically occurs when you buy something you without a need in a stressful situation. After your recline, you felt unhappy and you noticed that I spend a lot of money and now my wallet is empty. During this therapy or compulsive shopping addiction, you may get some loan to come under debt. How to deal with this issue? How to cherish therapy without spending much?. You must learn to use retail therapy in a strategic way.

So in order to avoid such circumstances, you must adopt a shopping pattern without spending much and without a need. Here are some strategies and mechanisms that you must try next time you feel exhausted and stressed.

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Things To Keep In Mind!

Use Retail Therapy But with some strategy. So follow the ways to avoid emotional spending.

1. Make A List Of Items You Need

You can easily use this therapy in a positive way. Like you can make a list of the items you need. For example, you want to buy your favorite Apple AirPods. So just wait for the right time to buy. When you feel that now I am using the therapy and I have no control over my mood. Then go and shop but keep in mind to limit yourself to buying things you already planned to purchase. Your this act will boost your mood and make you satisfied. Moreover, unnecessary things will not hit your wallet hard.

2. First Preference Should Be Window Shopping

The interesting thing is you don’t need to spend money to get the benefits of retail therapy shop. Here is a strategy of window shopping that most people adopt to boost their mood. To cope up with your stress via therapy doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot even though you don’t need such things or you don’t have money. So just satisfy yourself by simply seeing what’s out there.

3. When To Seek Retail Therapy?

You must prefer therapy in serious concerns. It may be possible that you are stressed due to your next day’s research proposal presentation, or due to your interview and then you should start preferring shopping and treat yourself in a better way in such circumstances to divert your bad mood. But if you had a fight with your partner of some friend (happens often). Or you love to see what new at the online website then Try to avoid shopping therapy in such situations. These problems are temporary and situational.

4. Use Gift Cards & Coupon Codes

Be a thoughtful consumer rather than a mindless customer. Get some benefits from the retail therapy shop. Prefer to purchase discounted items or purchase a discounted gift card or use free coupon codes for shopping instead of spending your money. So try to give some rest to your wallet so that it cannot hurt your budget.

5. Make Your Retail Therapy Truly Therapeutic

It’s very easy to feel guilty or regret over things that make you feel happy. Whether the things you do for your satisfaction purely never meant to regret it. Therapy is about making yourself feel excellent. These are actually psychological benefits under such therapies until you can find a way to adapt them strategically.

Do you prefer such therapies? How can you cherish therapy without putting a burden on your wallet? Share your views with us in the comment section below 🙂


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