Ayesha Khan

As my fingers are not ready to write about it, my mind is not ready to accept this, my heart is not stable to feel it, I have to move forward and say it despite the fact that my mouth is not ready to utter it.

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“This country is not meant to be a place for LIFE “

I chose the word “LIFE” because that’s what I feel, whenever life starts it has to end, the life of women, children, minorities, and the life of trust, of consent, of freedom, of respect, and in short “the LIFE”, anything that breathes, no one is spared here for we see how an innocent kitten, a 5-year-old kid, an old person and now a MOTHER, is thronged to the verge of inhumanity, RAPE. It’s devastating its mind threshing. Oh my Allah, it’s unacceptable.

But We need to know the main cause of all these happenings. we know the main cause of rape which is a Rapist but what actually makes a person a rapist? That is the question that has to be answered and understood. No one without desperate feelings of lust can go and commit rape.

RAPIST is the cause of RAPE and LUST is the cause of RAPIST.

So it’s important to understand what’s causing this desperation in men these days. Girls are not only raped on streets and offices, hospitals, in cars but they are harassed each day on phones, on messages, in their talks, and not only by strangers but by their friends, relations too. Harassing is done in many forms and each is torturous, so a permanent solution to end the cause has to be understood.

Many Boys see it as a right to do whatever they want to do with a girl’s body. That is the reason why the slogan “Mera jism Meri Marzi” hit so hard .they think they own girls. When asked they say “it’s not in their control”. “if a girl didn’t want it why was she sitting or talking to us”. We really need to clear this thing here. We really need to raise awareness of this. We need to draw a logical conclusion to this. Hanging the rapist will surely give them a lesson to not do it again, will scare them but will not stop the lust inside them.

Both have to be eliminated in order to remove the problem permanently. We clearly know what raises rape, Rapist and we know he needs to be hung but as important it is to hang a rapist, as important it is to hang his feelings of desperation too which made him do this.


pornography, please raise awareness of this. Pornography is that leech that indulges you in the dirt of these desperate feelings. What you watch is what you become. And it is clearly evident, I’ll watch a sad drama and I’ll automatically feel sad, I’ll watch a happy season and happy feelings will be developed in me, same happens when a person watches porn, the same feelings develop in him

Dirty talks:

Secondly, avoid such dirty talks, avoid portraying all this as a right, and a standard of love. Love doesn’t lie in intimacy and this surely is not the only way of intimacy. We need to raise a sophisticated culture and imagine how much more fun it would be to live lives freely and make everything consensual.

Religion and culture:

Thirdly and most importantly, we live in an Islamic state but still are not living in it. Men understand and dictate that “men are superior” but do not try to understand where their superiority actually lies in Islamic standards. They do show the ayah about Pardah of women but don’t focus on their pardah of Nazar. Most men want their girl to be covered in front of others but at the same time lusts over other uncovered girls. The minds of girls are diverted and confused. They start living a dual personality.

We need to stop playing the blame game and start working on ourselves. For all the boys and girls it is advisable to avoid porn, dirty talks, and clearance of thoughts. We all can’t individually improve society but all our individual efforts can surely be a milestone in its improvement. In a nutshell, we all need to raise awareness in all the sectors we are associated with.

As a student, we can read and incorporate ourselves into better activities by watching and reading better books and movies. As a teacher and parent, we can aware our children by giving proper sex education to them, as a person in media sector we can avoid more negative dramas and focus more on dramas and movies which portray positivity, like a friend we can help our friends and motivate them towards betterment.

A combined effort by all of us is required. May Allah help us create a society where we can “LIVE OUR LIVES”

Note: This article is opinion based article written by AYESHA KHAN.


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