afghanistan peace talks

Peace Talks

Kabul – On Tuesday, the Taliban break peace talks with the Afghan government on prisoners exchange, an important step in peace negotiations after the US agreed to a military withdrawal agreement with the militants.

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Thus, spokesman for the political office of the Islamist rebel group in Qatar, Sohail Shaheen, says on Twitter that a technical team would not participate in “fruitless meetings” and delayed the release of their prisoners “with some excuse.” Is falling

The February agreement between the United States and the Taliban, under which US agreed to release Taliban’s men to ensure the peace talks and end of a long lasting war.

Therefore, peace talks rest on negotiations between the US-backed Afghan government and the militants. The exchange of prisoners is to build trust from both sides for these negotiations.

A spokesperson of Afghan government said that they will continue their work on the release of prisoners.

A spokesperson for the National Security Council in Kabul, Javid Faisal, says. “We ask the Taliban to not sabotage the process by making excuses now,”

The halt of talks by the Taliban could increase violence. This could endanger the withdrawal of US troops, which is a major aim of President Donald Trump.

The team three-member Taliban appeared from Qatar last month to begin the process of the transfer of prisoners. Last week, Afghan administrators said they would release 100 Taliban prisoners who were unhealthy or over 50 years old.

In return, the Taliban will release 20 members of the Afghan security forces. The two sides have finally decided to release their 6,000 prisoners.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo welcomes the Taliban team’s arrival to Kabul.

Despite the Corona virus outbreak, Pompeo traveled to Kabul and the Doha last month to further the prison process.

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