Pakistan 'Return To Normal' Index After Covid19

Pakistan has ranked third on a list of countries ordered by how much they have returned to normal life during the novel coronavirus pandemic. The Economist has developed Global Normalcy Index to rank countries on the basis of progress on eight variables. The variables include sports attendance, time at home, traffic congestion, retail footfall, office occupancy, flights, film box office and public transport.

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As many as 50 countries which represent about 75 percent of global population and 90 percent of global GDP has been included in the list. Hong Kong has secured the top slot with 96 percent normality and followed by New Zealand with 87 percent. Pakistan ranked third spot with 84.4 percent normality. China ranked 19th, the US 20th, and the UK 36th.

“The world is slowly coming back to pre-pandemic levels,” The Economist said in a press release. “Today it stands at 66 (out of 100) suggesting that the world has traveled roughly half of the way back to pre-pandemic life,” it added.

“Hong Kong and New Zealand – two places that have implemented effective measures against the coronavirus and suffered relatively few deaths – are currently at the top of our tables,” read the report.

In the category of “retail”, “office use”, “time not spent at home” and “public transport”, Pakistan ranked over 100. However, Pakistan scored low in the category of flights resumption and cinema.


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