Pakistan gets Warning

Confronting the aftermaths of the Afghan Taliban victory over Afghanistan, the United States has been reluctant to recognize the new Taliban-led government but on either side of the coin, is also aware of the reality to prevent any future humanitarian crisis in the country. The US gives a warning to Pakistan Against Recognizing the Taliban’s Government.

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Addressing the House of Representatives Foreign Affairs on Monday, US State Secretary Antony Blinken said that in the coming weeks Washington needs to discuss and review its relationship with Islamabad and put forward the position of Islam

Moreover, Blinken recommended the administration reassess US policies towards Pakistan, considering its role towards Afghanistan in the past 20 years and what the US wants Pakistan to play in upcoming new years.

Blinken demanded Pakistan to deny Afghanistan’s legitimacy until and unless it encompasses the demands of the international arena that includes the freedom of people to leave Afghanistan whoever wants to, ensuring rights of women and minorities, and repelling any outward-directed terror in the country.

Whereas Democratic Representative, Joaquin Castro, asked the US to diminish Pakistan’s privileged access to US weaponry by removing it from major non-Nato ally status as stated by Blinken, Pakistan has ‘multiplicity of interest with some that conflict with ours.’


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