The owner of a dog booked a whole business class cabin of Air India from Mumbai to Chennai on 15 September 2021 for the dog along with the servant. Therefore the whole business class was booked so that the pet may have a comfortable and remarkable trip with the owner.

The owner of the dog had paid up to PKR 5.7 million for two-hour from Mumbai to Chennai on an Air India travel. Normally the cost of the business class seat for the one-way travel is Rs.50,000. Although the travel of dogs on an airplane is not something new to hear however this is was the first time that someone booked a whole business class cabin for the dog.

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According to the Air India rules and regulations, there is a limited amount of pets who are taken to the airplane so in the statistic of 2020 there were 2,000 dogs traveled on the national airliner. Other airlines do not allow domestic animals in the flight except Air India.


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