nondescript democracy

It was being marked the final year of the tenure of General Ishfaq Kiani, the operation against Usama bin Ladin and saliva attacks were been conducted in the state. A harsh period of terrorism was over but still, citizens and security forces were attacked by unknown forces.
Grand armed operations were underway against terrorists in tribal areas but in spite of all these Pak army graphs were going down exponentially. They were losing their respect in the nation’s hearts.

In this hell-bent situation, a person of the rank of Major general Asim Saleem Bajwa was appointed as DG ISPR. He takes the responsibility of restoring admiration of the Pak army and commits it erratically.
When he was quitting ISPR the salutary of Pak army was touching the sky. There isn’t any question regarding his abilities while representing the Pak army. But once again he becomes the headline of media when he appointed as a special advisor to PM on Information and media.

There are truckload differences between the representation of an institute like the army and political government. Put that question aside that whether he’ll be able to carry out his responsibilities or will decay. Let me enlighten you with the question of democracy in Pakistan!

This appointment gives answers to many questions that were walloping general public ears soon after the formation of the PTI government. This appointment made it clear that how the government comes into power! How it’s run! Etc, answers to these questions are now becoming apparent. People always oppose politics in uniform but the way now it is conducting can’t be opposed by citizens anymore. Because we are living in a democratic state where there are political parties, elections, campaigns, etc, but all these are now giving a taste of lollipop.

Nondescript Democracy

One more thing which needs serious concentration is that Asim Saleem Bajwa – famous for media oppression while he was acting as DG ISPR. Now the question is will media will be free to ask him open-ended questions?. Or he’ll utilize his old tactics of oppressing media! This is the right of Asim Saleem Bajwa to represent any political party. But for that, it is necessary to show his political chattels to that particular party.

Moreover, he must prepare himself for harsh questions from anchors. It should be clear that Asim Saleem Bajwa passed out from PMA 69 long course and selected in 34 Punjab regiment as a commissioned officer. He was very near to Gen(r) Pervez Musharaf, Ishfaq Pervaiz Kiani, and Raheel sharif. All of you are very good philosophers and I hope you will understand what I want to state!

In a large group of authorities with the companions of Pervez Musharraf, or In a technocratic world or any other form of government. It isn’t proved that any other system is successful except democracy. But in the way, the current government wants to run democracy is completely failed and it becomes Nondescript

Written By: Izaz Khattak


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