New Zealand

The ODI series that took place among England and the New Zealand women’s teams were still been played after getting security threats. These security threats were not considered credible by the police of the United Kingdom and the counter-terrorism agencies.

It is reported that the New Zealand cricket team was highly alert about security threats. The placement of the bomb was done in the hotel where the cricket team is staying besides that they are profoundly informed that the bomb will be installed in their plane as well if they decided to go back to New Zealand.

Therefore the New Zealand women’s team kept themselves in lockdown for few hours before considering it a joke but still, the series will be played between two of them according to the schedule.

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New Zealand Cricket (NZC) spokesperson put forward some detailed concerns by quoted that “As has been reported, the ECB has received a threatening email relating to NZC. Although this did not specifically reference the White Ferns it was treated seriously, investigated, and deemed not credible.”

There is a concern and these concerns are intriguing that both nations have pulled off their tour of Pakistan due to security threats. As NZC canceled their tour at the last moments before the start of the ODI because of security threats and the reason for the threats is still not be shared.


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