Microsoft developer in New York licensed chatbot that would help alive people to have a communication with their dead loved ones. It is an advancement in the field of the digital world that provokes the upcoming generation with their advancements.

This concept came from the dystopian TV series “Black Mirror” that a girl had a boyfriend who unfortunately died in a car incident. The girl was allowed to have communication with her boyfriend even after he dies by extracting all his related information from social media.

Microsoft general manager of Artificial intelligence (AI) program Tim O’Brien, quoted in his tweet on Friday that “confirmed that there’s no plan for this.” After seeking the social media user sentiment asking for technology then he popped up with another tweet “yes, it’s disturbing.”

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The procedure of technology is that according to the patent information the required tools would ultimately gather from social data that includes, images, social media posts, messages, voice data, and written letters from the chosen individual. The data of that specific person would be taken into the procedure and train that chatbot to talk like that specific person.

If the information is outside of the source then the chatbot would not be able to communicate for instance. It will also copy all the gestures and conversational attributes of that particular personality.


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