Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Meta is Testing Its Very Own Twitch-Like Livestreaming Platform ‘Super’

While you may have heard the news about Meta copying TikTok’s interface and format, that isn’t all. The tech giant just recently was spotted testing ‘Super’, a streaming platform that possesses characteristics and design similar to that of Twitch. The testing was entirely kept secret and no official announcements have been released by Meta, however, it is said that the company hired around 100 influencers to live stream and test the platform.

A Meta spokesperson, while speaking about Super said that while it is being built and tested by Meta, it is an entirely separate product and is not a part or feature of other products such as Facebook and Instagram.

Currently, the streaming platform is available on a website named http://super.events, however, the website is only available in selected countries. Scrolling through the site, you would find that the website in its footer has a note that says “by NPE Team from Meta”, the NPE in this statement stands for New Product Experimentation.

This is not the first time, the world has heard about ‘Super’. Back in 2020, the platform was described in a 2020 Bloomberg report. However, at the time the product was described to be entirely different and was originally planned to be a Cameo inspired application that will allow celebrities and famous personalities to chat and facetime their fans.

Now, the platform has converted into a Twitch-like streaming platform, with an entirely different interface. However, some features like the ability to take selfies with creators have been continued.

As per reports, the application allows for creators to earn through features such as tiered subscriptions and donations from fans. No commissions are being charged up until now thus streamers are allowed to keep 100 percent of their earnings. According to Super’s pitch deck, there are also plans to integrate a sponsorship model where brands will pay streamers to integrate their products into live streams.

While Super is being heavily tested, there is no surety of a public release and nothing as such has been announced by Meta. However, if you are a creator that wants to use Super, you can go to the website and request early access to the platform

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