Manchester United are a more attractive investment than Liverpool, according to Simon Jordan.

The Red Devils have been setting the news agenda this week following Cristiano Ronaldo’s exit and the statement from the Glazer family revealing they are opening to selling the club.

The Glazers look to be on their way out of Old TraffordGetty Images – Getty

United fans will be delighted that the Glazers are looking to sell the club

As a result, United are looking at the prospect of attracting offers of between £6billion and £8billion for the club.

With Liverpool also currently on the market, comparisons will always be drawn between the two rivals, but according to ex-Palace Jordan chairman, United will be the more attractive investment due to their global standing.

Asked which club is the more attractive investment, Jordan said: “Manchester United.

“I think if you look at Man United as a business and an entity – listen, over the last nine years we’ve seen a marked decline in Manchester United and we’ve seen Liverpool’s stock increase and they’ve become more competitive in the Premier League and ultimately winning it, but when you’re the poster boys for the Premier League for 75-80 per cent of its natural life and have this iconic position and worldwide vantage point, Liverpool don’t have it to the same extent as Manchester United.

“If you look at Manchester United as a commercial business against the nature of Liverpool, there is a difference. There’s a significant difference.

“Manchester United are probably the only football club that could have been bought in the way the Glazers did which was load it with debt, service the debt through the club’s own cashflow and continue to attract inordinate amounts of money and media interest.

Liverpool are also up for sale, but Jordan believes United are the more attractive investmentGETTY

“There’s no club in the world that generates the same level of media interest.

“Some would say that in recent times it’s because Manchester United have been a car crash and others would say it’s sheer column inches that are generated by a club that is so iconic in its positioning.”

He added: “There’s money in the market. United aren’t going to let Liverpool take some of that money and ultimately diminish the opportunity for them to get top dollar. There will be timing to this.

“I think they’ll go for north of £6billion, but it’s not guaranteed.

The Glazers could attract some serious money for the Premier League giantsGetty

“The landscape has changed. You’ve had an interview that’s been done by an iconic figure that has created adverse publicity, maybe it’s the time they’re also in play.

“They’re going to do one of two things: They’re going to raise some cash, or the board has looked at the best ways to get some investment into this business.

“Their share price is at a 52-week high. It’s jumped up by 25 per cent and increased their value on paper – Ronaldo’s interview and subsequent scenario around the Glazers has increased the market cap of that business by the best part of £500million.”

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