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‘Look at player wages’ – Simon Jordan queries Mansfield Town’s decision to move kick-off time due to rising energy costs

Simon Jordan has labelled Mansfield Town’s decision to change their kick off time in response to increasing energy prices as ‘not a measured decision.’

The Stag’s announced they have brought forward their clash with Walsall on Saturday, October 15 to 1pm from the traditional 3pm time slot to avoid floodlight use.

Mansfield are the first team in the EFL to change their kick off time to avoid using floodlightsGetty

The decision was taken as homes and businesses struggle to cope with rising cost of energy and it appears the Nottinghamshire-based club are no different.

A club statement read: “The club is endeavouring to mitigate the forthcoming, considerable increase in energy bills.

“As part of these efforts, the earlier kick-off time will enable the club to discern whether significant savings can be made on floodlight usage and other energy costs.

“Moreover, following the trial of this change in kick-off time, the club will be able to better determine whether an earlier kick-off on a Saturday would have an affect on prospective attendances.”

In response, Simon Jordan believes that whilst Mansfield are taking measures to cut costs, the change in kick-off time might still end up leaving them short changed.

“You do worry for them that it’s sort of borrowing off Peter to pay Paul because you might find that the attendance dips, “ Jordan told talkSPORT.

Simon Jordan has questioned Mansfield’s decision to bring kick-off times forward next monthtalksport

“So if your attendance dips because the traditional fixture time is 3pm and people can’t make a 1pm fixture time meaning you might be saving on energy costs, I was under the impression the government’s intervention negates the necessity to do some of that.

“Because the government’s intervention to underpin the consumer bill and the corporate bills have provided a structure that protects us against that for a period of time – for six months.

“And that period of time would be back into the territory of not needing to have floodlights on in the afternoon. I’m not entirely sure this is the most measured of reactions.”

The new 1pm kick-off time was introduced to help Mansfield manage their energy costsGetty

Jordan continued to question Mansfield’s strategy and claimed that the League Two side should look to other areas of their finances if a government intervention still requires them to make fixture amendments.

Jordan added: “Do we need these measures? If Mansfield think we do, irrespective of the government intervention then that’s for Mansfield.

“Now I would question the savings that you’re making because if you’re running your business so tight because your utility costs even when being supported by the government mean you’re so close to the knuckle – I suggest you might want to look at your player wages but that’s a different discussion.”

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