Paris Saint-Germain star Lionel Messi has lost some of his desire, reckons Ally McCoist.

The ex-Barcelona man played as part of a front-three alongside Kylian Mbappe and Neymar in a 2-1 Champions League loss to Man City on Wednesday night, but once again his performance was lacking.

Messi wasn’t at his best for PSG once againGetty

His displays with the French club are far from the heights he hit in his incredible career at the Camp Nou.

Messi netted 474 LaLiga goals in 520 matches and made the extraordinary look normal as he terrorised Spanish defences.

Since his free transfer switch to PSG, though, he’s managed just four goals in nine matches, with three of them coming in Europe.

He was quiet once again in the loss to City, although he was heavily involved in Mbappe’s opener, and McCoist believes he needs to be more proactive after analysing his display.

Mbappe got PSG’s only goal against Man City and Messi did have a hand in itGetty

“I’m a bit disappointed in Messi,” he told talkSPORT. “I thought about it a bit last night. I’m looking for more from him.

“He’s brilliant on the ball, right. Even now at this stage in his career, I love him. I absolutely love him but I think he’s lost a wee bit of desire to go and get the ball to do things.

“I think he’s great if the ball comes to him and he makes himself available but he’s lost a wee bit to go and get it.”

McCoist wanted to see Messi drop deeper to get the ballGetty

“There is no doubting their talent, but the bottom line is they don’t work hard enough when they haven’t got the ball.

“They do not work at all and I mention Messi, who is definitely one of the greatest players to ever grace this Earth, I watched him specifically for 10-15 minutes and I don’t think he did enough to get on the ball because he’s a genius and I was wanting the wee fella to do more, whether it’s drop short five or 10 yards, go and get the ball and make something happen.

“Without Verratti in that side [and Wijnaldum], I would start the two of them, all day. It would improve the PSG side.”

And when asked about the Messi’s rivalry with fellow living legend Cristiano Ronaldo, McCoist offered up more intriguing opinions.

Ronaldo will always be compared to Messi and McCoist has an interesting view on the pairgetty

“Who’s the best? I’ll tell you what, let me give you the case. Ronaldo, England, Italy, Spain, you name it, he has done it and he has achieved it.

“Messi cannot compete with that. Simple, he cannot compete with that because he hasn’t.

“He’s been wonderful. He’s been incredible in Spain but that’s it and he’s doing okay with PSG, okay, so far.

“However, right now, if you offered me now one of them playing right at their best, of all-time, I’d take Messi.”

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