Kashmir issue & Its Solution

Kashmir an occupied & disputed state for the last 70 years. We failed to achieve a Referendum. To this date, we (Kashmiris) never considered being on any platform in the ongoing Kashmir issue. Every Organization and Parties like JKLF & NSF failed to gather the Kashmiri nation at one platform. Although we did our best with bona fide intentions but can’t succeed.

However, In the modern era where Pakistan and India are nuclear power as such no military solution to Kashmir dispute is possible. Both can never go beyond extending moral political and diplomatic support to the cause of Kashmir.

Kashmiris should decide about how long we have to wait for this kind of circumstances like the abrogation of article 370 or massive firing and bombing at LOC, to get united for a day. When we are going to be passionate about our land?
The solution of Kashmir issue doesn’t lie in one or two protests & then to stay shut & spend the rest of life looking forward to India and Pakistan to solve this matter.

Leaders like Yasin malik are behind the bars. Thousand of Kashmiri died across the LOC. How much pain we are carrying for them who lost their lives for no reason?. The referendum is not about few dialogues it needs ceaseless struggle. India is exposing itself by its brutality. In Kashmir, there have been more than 8000 cases of enforced and involuntary disappearance between 1989 to 2009 by APDP. And millions of Kashmiris assassination by Indian armed forces.

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Pakistan is exposing itself to its sluggish policies. For Kashmiris in the time of crisis of brutality of India Pakistan is only last hope but unfortunately with her policies faded the color of hope. And vanish the hopes when Pakistan would not even get 16 votes to submit a resolution in UNHCR.

Have you ever thought about why we are not at one single platform?

Let’s take an analysis of the Kashmiri nation. There are 4 kinds of slogans raised by Kashmiris:
1) Kashmir will be a part of Pakistan
2) Free Kashmir no India no Pakistan
3) Kashmir will be a part of India
4) Kashmir will be a part of China

The last two stands with minority but anyhow still exists. Our Organizations & Parties raise voice for Free Kashmir. No one ever considers the other three voices raised by Kashmiris. That’s why we have divided into parts, don’t have any on-going platform to raise our issues to the international community, and always looking forward to other’s hands to speak for us.

We should consider a Referendum in the territory rather than raising the slogan of free Kashmir and isolate the other thoughts. Every thought should be respected and taken into consideration to solve the Kashmir issue. So we all should be gathered on one ground and can raise a strong powerful voice with one mindset.

Written By: Rehan Khan



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