Kashmir isn't an inside endeavor of India

Kashmir isn't an inside endeavor of India
Asian ThinkTank ( Islamabad) President Dr. Arif Alvi has said that India’s unlawful exercises to alter the challenged status of included Kashmir and weight of correspondence blockade renounce different UN objectives, general law, and principal human benefits of the people. Kashmir isn’t an inside endeavor of India

Dr. Arif Alvi said this while speaking with President of the Council of States of Swiss Confederation, Mr Jean Rene Fournier in Islamabad.

The President said Kashmir isn’t an inside endeavor of India, rather an internationally seen discussion, pending on the inspiration of the United Nations Security Council for quite a while.

He included that the particular Simla Agreement that India has been appearing to the world as the sole normal method for getting things done for objectives of two-sided inquiries among India and Pakistan has fail to convey any result since 1972.

Jean Rene Fournier said Switzerland is a staunch supporter of human rights and will offer its extraordinary working environments for objectives of Kashmir banter, if the two social events agree.

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