International issue

Kashmir an International issue

Many issues led both the countries India and Pakistan to the war and have been posing nuclear threats to each other on different occasions because of the reasons for not resolving the territorial issue. India and Pakistan have nuclear technology. They both claim Kashmir as their internal issue, but it is an International issue.

The conflict between is countries is dangerous for the world. Moreover, The Kashmir issue has become the ego of both countries because India doesn’t want to give the right of self-determination to the native Kashmirs and has imposed an inhuman curfew for the last hundred and fifty three days which has further put the life of Kashmiris into troubles.

For that purpose, they face many casualties in their region and they called them martyrs. Now India called Kashmir a bilateral issue but Kashmir is an International Issue.

Kashmir History

Besides, Kashmir was the princely state since the 6th century and that time was divided into different phases. Kashmir was ruled by Hindus from 560-1339  then by Muslims from 1339-1586. Mughal rule was started from 1586-1752, then Afghan rule from 1752-1819, then Sikh rule from 1819-1846. Then Dogra from 1846-1947. The main point of telling these all dates is to define the exact purpose of this research. That is, all above mention empires were ruling Kashmir as an independent state. 

Kashmiris faced the worst situation at that time. In 1972 both the countries(Indian-Pakistan) signed an agreement. They called this region a disputed issue between both India and Pakistan. Both states have claimed Kashmir as an integral part of them. From their independence, they fought three deadly wars on this conflict. Both the states have spent a lot of their GDP in their defense and in importing weapons.


Germany and Switzerland and many other European countries that are smaller than Kashmir in size. But they are independent and have a good economy. small countries like Switzerland have their economy on tourism. All the basic requirements which are needed to have become a state are fulfilled, for example, the land indigenous people and stable governing ability.

To resolve this issue both India and Pakistan have to sit on the table for a pragmatic solution. They can do that by implementing the resolutions of the security council. So to make peace in this region both have to cooperate. Otherwise, the region would witness the serious implications.

Pakistan as a well-wisher to Kashmir’s continuously raises her voice for the people of Kashmir. In the UN against the brutality of the Indian military in Jammu and Kashmir( Indian Occupied Kashmir). Pakistan has always talked about the right of Kashmiris and the will of the people that they want. Either they want to join India or Pakistan or they want an independent state.

International issue
Pakistani marching against the Indian brutality.

Pakistan administered Kashmir

Pakistan is administrating 35% of the whole Kashmir and this part has a legislative assembly, Supreme Court, President, and Prime minister also, but they are not allowed to take part in international affairs like in the UN.

Now to solve this issue the best possible solution that Pakistan can make is to change the Legislative Assembly of Kashmir to Constitutional Assembly so that members of that assembly could use full authority to fight for their rights in the UN. They will have their voice with more effectiveness and can compete for their self-determination.

Pakistan should politically and morally support them. As the best neighbor and support them in taking back the other 65% of Kashmir from India. People of the valley can take that 65% of Kashmir only when they have the right of their land and authorities.

Constitutional Assembly

The constitutional assembly is the assembly that makes a constitution for the state or country. Such assembly has exclusive rights to the frame or changes the laws. They have their representatives and they can also take part in the UN.

On the other side, legislative assembly is the assembly that can only follow the rules and laws form by the constitutional assembly of a country. So legislative assembly has not as much authorized to raise their voice in the UN.

International issue
Indian army killing Kashmiris

We know that in this time of the modern world, fighting is no more an option for resolving any issue. People of the state can get their rights and we have been seen for the last 7 decades that how the innocent Kashmiris are fighting against the brutality of the Indian military.

Today the independent Kashmir movement is at its peak in Indian Kashmir due to this India revoked the article 370 and 35A of its Constitution and imposed curfew in Kashmir and Kashmir are under curfew for last 153 days. Indian army killed many innocent Kashmiris brutally.

Human Right Violations

According to the researchers, the Indian army has committed many human rights cases of abuse including extrajudicial killing, rape and sexual abuses in the valley. Students haven’t seen the school from 153 days and the same in another walk of life like business, internet, and mobile services is shutdown by India.

They made Jammu and Kashmir as their union territories. India committed genocide to take revenge from the Muslim community of Jammu and Kashmir.

Kashmir an International Issue

We know that Kashmir is not a bilateral issue between India and Pakistan. As it is an International issue because Kashmir was not a territory but an independent state from 560 BC. So issues of states are international issues.

And to solve these problems Pakistan has to take a step to focus on the self-determination of the Kashmiris.  Kashmiris can’t present their problems in the UN until and unless Kashmir will become an international issue instead of the bilateral issue.

What will the effects after Kashmir as an independent state? India as the world’s largest importer of arms is a threat to the stability of the region of South Asia. The solution of Kashmir is vital to maintain peace in the region. The conflict between India and Pakistan can be solved directly if both the countries join hands in other fields like economic engagement, conferences, trade and collective efforts to mitigate the rampant poverty.

As we know that economic cooperation has always led to peace. Both states will interdependent and both will try to protect each other’s sovereignty.

Solution of Kashmir Issue

The best solution for resolving this issue peacefully is to have plebiscite In the whole Kashmir. Pakistan is helping the people of Kashmir to raise their voice in the world. Pakistan also must have to enlarge its political support to the Kashmiris so that they could speak for their rights. This initiative can be proved as a pragmatic starting point for the resolution of the Kashmir issue.

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