Mohammad Azmi Abdul Hamid

The curfew imposed by India in occupied Kashmir has been completed for 153 days.  The residents of the Kashmir  Valley are waiting for the attention of the world that has been playing a silent role so far.

The people of Azad Kashmir are protesting against the violation in Kashmir valley, which is a fairly global day. People took to the streets to record the protests. Protesters have carried black flags, banners and play cards with slogans against the atrocities against Kashmiris in India.

Protesters also chanted slogans against the Indian government and held symbolic arms against the military siege and curfew. Thousands of innocent youth are in Indian custody in occupied Kashmir, during curfew they enter in house and torture families, the public says.

In occupied Kashmir, people raised their voices against Indian barbarism and Kashmir curfew. Saying that human rights have been being violated in occupied Kashmir for 153 days. But the world is silent and responding up to the mark. The protesters demanded that the international community fulfill its promise of right-to-do with Kashmiris.

Moreover, Pakistan is in full swing to attract the world’s attention towards the Kashmir. In this regard, the prime minister was contacting various world leaders. Seeking support over Kashmir’s stance and urge the international community to stop the Indians from human rights violations in Kashmir. 

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