kartarpur sahib corridor

Pakistan opened Kartarpur sahib corridor for the 550th birthday of Sikh founder Baba Guru Nanak. Sikh pilgrims from all over the world are travel towards the birthplace of Guru Nanak.

Prime Minister Imran Khan and Minister for Religious Affairs Noorul Haq Qadri attended Kartarpur transit inauguration.

Moreover, thousands of people arrived from India. Also, including former Indian cricketer and Indian Punjab Minister of Tourism Navjot Singh Sadhu. And Bollywood star Sunny Deol, who attended the opening ceremony with thousands of Sikh pilgrims.

KartarPur sahib corridor Gurdwara was built in a limited period of eleven months which is the largest Gurdwara in the world. Spread over an acre of land, including a synagogue, library, anchorage, locker rooms.

Sikh pilgrims have also brought with them a gold plaque from India. Moreover, they will install that gold in that place In Pakistani history, today will be the name of the beginning of happiness and secular approaches for minorities.

Guru Nanak was the founder of the Sikhism religion. That is one of the youngest religions. Guru Nanak became the first Sikh Guru. His teachings laid the foundation on which Sikhism was formed. Considered a religious innovator, Guru Nanak traveled across South Asia and the Middle East to spread his teachings. Moreover, he tells that the existence of one God and taught his followers that every human being can reach out to God through meditation.

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