Jack Grealish has lifted the lid on his England teammates, revealing just how much he loves Bukayo Saka and wanting to organise a surprise party for Gareth Southgate.

In a hilarious interview with talkSPORT’s Gabby Agbonlahor, Grealish was also asked about who’s the cleverest in the Three Lions squad and whose fashion sense he rates the most.

Grealish was in great form as he revealed all on his England teammates

And despite some of his ‘rascal’ gear, the Manchester City man believes James Maddison would be best suited as his personal stylist.

“I’d say Madders only because I feel like he dresses like me or I dress like him. We have the same type of style,” Grealish said.

“Although some of his gear is rascal I’d probably say Madders! Or Kyle Walker, he’s got good gear.”

And how about the worst dress sense in the England squad?

“It’s difficult because with England you’re just in England gear a lot of the time… But I’m going Popey [Nick Pope],” Grealish added.

When Grealish is in a pub quiz, who does he turn to?

Is this the type of ‘rascal’ threads from Maddison Grealish is on about?Instagram @madders

Conor Coady is the Brainbox in the England camp, says GrealishGetty

“Conor Coady,” Grealish said. “Just knowledge, he knows everything. You could ask him anything, any quiz question.”

Grealish was then asked about who he’d like to be with the most if he was stuck on a desert island with just a Boombox, and there were a few contenders.

The ex-Aston Villa star eventually went with Bukayo Saka after revealing a lovely exchange he had with the Arsenal man’s dad after England’s win over Iran.

“Dec [Declan Rice] or Madders,” Grealish said when asked about who has the best music taste. “Madders is my sort of my music, a little bit of House, a bit of R&B.

“Saka is the best kid actually. I went up to his dad and told him ‘I love your son!’ He’s the nicest kid ever but he’s got a little bit of banter as well. He’s funny, man.

“He’s laid back but when he’s on the training pitch he’s on it. Off it he’s quite laid back and chilled.

“Do you know what, I’m going Saks. I don’t know about his music but he’d make me laugh.”

Saka and Grealish have a bromance we can all get behindGetty

And the best party planner? Grealish had to nominate himself there, adding that he could organise a knees up for the manager.

When asked who would be best to organise a surprise party for Southgate, Grealish said: “Me! Could you imagine that party? It’d be unreal! A bit of 80s and 90s music…”

Grealish insists he’s the man when it comes to organising a party for the gafferGetty

If that party ever happens, we’d like to get invited!

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