Israel's ill-will

West Bank is the former British-mandated (1920–47) territory of Palestine west of the Jordan River, claimed from 1949 to 1988 as part of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan but occupied from 1967 by Israel. The territory, excluding East Jerusalem, is also known within Israel by its biblical names, Judaea and Samaria.

The Jordan Valley accounts for almost a third of the occupied West Bank. The Jordan Valley is a fertile strip of land that stretches from the north of the Dead Sea along the eastern perimeter of the West Bank, bordering Jordan. It is home to 65,000 Palestinians in 28 villages and 11,000 Israelis, who live in settlements constructed illegally.

Israel’s prime minister Netanyahu is confident enough to receive approval from Washington

Israel’s new coalition Government of two political rivals Netanyahu and Gantz decided to fulfill their promise as a microcosm of the Zionist community of the world. The coalition came to settle the dispute among the two rival parties, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud and Benny Gantz’s Kahol Lavan party, of rotation of government after 18 months in Israel. On prior bases, the new government in Israel decided to annex seized occupation of west bank and Jordan valley in Israel. US President Donald Trump urged Israel in his “Middle East Peace Plan 2020” to annex its seized occupation. Netanyahu’s personal relations with Washington underpin the move. It is obvious Trump administration would reap an advantage in coming re-election in November 2020 by de facto annexation of parts of the occupied west bank and Jordan Valley to Israel. It was a deliberate plan provided by US President Donal Trump in his “Middle East Peace Plan” in January this year.

Trump’s plan was not new, but it plagiarized the 40-Year-Old Israeli initiative. In 1979, the World Zionist Organization released a plan titled “Master Plan for the Development of Settlements in Judea and Samaria, 1979–1983,” written by Matityahu Drobles, a former member of the Knesset for the Herut-Liberal Bloc—a precursor to today’s Likud party—and the head of the World Zionist Organization’s Settlement Division, the body responsible for planning and building settlements. Trump’s plan is analogs to it in a way as both condemn Palestinian sovereignty over the lands. However, the trump like Drobles insisted 40 years back, Israeli control over the land.

Israel’s prime minister Netanyahu is confident enough to receive approval from Washington in two months for de facto annexation which is illegal according to international law. Palestine and other world see the settlement as illicit under Geneva convention that bar settling on the land captured in war. Although the Netanyahu government would refrain from taking a step forward until the yes call comes from the US but, it would produce a high flame to the matter and ignite the situation in the middle east. As UN’s middle east envoy also warned Israel to stay away from it or it would kindle the middle east inferno. Palestine has expressed outrage on the matter, and it would never let Israel expand its sovereignty on the land Israel seized in the 6-day war of 1967.

Some experts predict, Israel would annex 30 percent of west bank territory and it goes without saying that the annexation does not come in the context of negotiation or agreed-upon exchange of territories rather it would be a unilateral action putting Palestine on the back and setting a future Palestinian state, putting an end to the “Two-nation Doctrine” resulting in Bantustan like Palestinian state. Israel is ready to ensure the investment rights of the Palestinian authority but to abduct the military rights.

The current outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, which made all the world exhausted, enables Israel to play a furtive move to achieve its ultimate filthy goals. They have made a coalition in the emergency of almost 36 months in Israel to cope with the outbreak of a pandemic, but it seems just distracting the world from their annexation agenda. On the other hand, this propaganda would aid Trump whose evangelical Christian support base is staunchly pro-Israel, in winning his re-election in November this year.

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As Israel’s political establishment has been united around the agenda of setting Palestine off from the table, the Palestinian political parties should also come with the ultimate strategy to tackle the situation with a joint coalition among not only the political parties of Palestine but also to improve political ties with the regional powers.

Equally likely, this de facto annexation would trigger the volatility of Islamist militant organization Hamas in Gaza which can prove to be a havoc for Israel, as evident from the last year, when prime minister Netanyahu proclaimed his ill-will to merge west bank in Israel last year had a rocket attack during his campaign speech in Ashdod. This kind of incident if repeats might not miss its target this time.

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has initially rejected Trump’s peace plan which can be a breakthrough for Palestine in this regard. Also, the Arab League plans to hold a virtual meeting this week to discuss the annexation plan, which under the Israeli coalition deal could happen as soon as in July. The continuous stroke to the wrath of Arabs can prove to be the death of the Zionist state, surrounded by the Muslim world and no nuclear arsenal, weapon, no military, and not even the US would be able to save Israel from this imbalance in regional peace.

Written by: Usman Ali



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