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Talk to yourself- Is it weird to talk to yourself?:

Do you really think that it is weird to talk to yourself? Talking to yourself is a concept of being in conversation with the inner YOU. An individual has multiple selves in them. You have a teacher in you, you have parents in you, you have a boy/girl in you, and you have friends in you. So whenever you are facing any dilemma, you actually talk to yourself to get advice. According to your dilemma’s nature, you communicate in that way. But still, some questions pop up in mind that, is talking yourself normal or is talking yourself bad?

Is it normal to Talk yourself?:

Is talking yourself normal? Exactly talking to yourself is a normal gesture. This will not come in disorder if a person is not tackling any symptoms of mental illness like schizophrenia, so it is normal. Talking to yourself is actually helping you to ask questions from yourself and try to generate an answer according to your worldview. It will you forming proper language, build confidence to talk in public. So is it weird to talk to yourself?

When someone assigned a task to you, and that seems difficult, but you have to do that within a given time. So you try to relax yourself with self-talk, give yourself suggestions and choices to complete your task within a given time. And this way helps a lot to relax your mind and motivate you to complete your work. Talking to yourself is actually improves cognitive skills and grows you physically to give the best performance. Do you still think that is it weird to talk to yourself?

Examples of Self-Talk:

As I have quoted that you have so many “Selves” in you, and according to the nature of your problems, you communicate in that way. So it depends on the nature of a problem through which your tone of voice will be explicit. Self-Talk has three main and obvious examples that will further help to clear the concept of “Self-Talk.” 

Positive self-talk:

Positive self-talk symbolizes that you talk to your inner self in a motivational tone so that it encourages you to perform that particular task which you won’t be able to perform. Besides that, it also helps to reduce anxiety and motivates you to stay persistent and focused.

Negative self-talk:

Is talking yourself bad? Yes, to some extent, it is bad because when you are in negative self-talk, it increases the anxiety level in your body and leads you to overthinking process. Because when you discourage yourself in front of you, you find reasons to make a negative assumption from every statement that you have quoted for yourself in the meantime.

Neutral self-talk:

In this kind of conversation, you have both approaches, negative self-talk, and positive self-talk. You try to handle yourself in both statements, but in that case, your negative statement also doesn’t affect you deeply. 

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Benefits of self-Talk:

Is it weird to talk to yourself? I believe that talking to yourself is the most significant part of your life because it gives you multiple benefits to see yourself and listen to yourself. Do you think is talking yourself normal? Yes, it is..! Here are some useful benefits of self-talk.

  • It enhances the quality of self-love in you and helps to understand the authentic you from YOU.
  • Talk to yourself helps you to figure out the bad qualities and good qualities.
  • Talk to yourself would help you to encourage you more than anyone else would do.
  • Talk to yourself also increase self-awareness and self-acceptance which is a very important thing for an individual to understand.
  • You will never give any bad advice through talking to yourself.
  • You’d always help yourself through kind words and phrases that would ultimately make you able to be helpful to others.
  • Whenever you are in any kind of psychological problem so you better know yourself. So with the help of self-talk you can treat yourself.
  • Talk to yourself while studying is such an effective way to prepare yourself for the quiz or exams. And actually, this way really helps you to clear your concept about any particular subject which you are preparing for an exam.  
  • It helps to increase and strengthen your recalling process and keeps you alert about everything.
  • Talk to yourself also helps to strengthen your intelligence level so that you can easily trap the intelligence.         

Is talking yourself bad- is it weird to talk to yourself?:

What do you think is talking yourself bad? Actually talking to yourself is not a bad habit until and unless it won’t count as a mental illness, but excessively talking to yourself in front of people so perhaps may consider a bad thing. But if you the other side where negative self-talk starts taking part, it may be harmful to you and your surroundings.

Especially when it comes to negative self-talk, it can be problematic for your relationship. If you have created negative assumptions about someone and have self-talk with yourself due to which you come up with more negative aspects of that person.


Is it weird to talk to yourself? No..! Talk to yourself is a form of therapy that helps you to understand the authentic self in you. And tries to know where are you lagging in life and relationships. Self-talk is actually a technique of finding yourself from you. Sometimes we fail to understand our worth in our surroundings and in life, which happens just because of not knowing yourself through self-talk. Talk to yourself is an important part of life because sometimes people fail to understand your problems. 

Advice to readers- is it weird to talk to yourself?:

Make it slight and smooth but get weird. Just have a private conversation with yourself. If you talk to yourself publicly, then probably people may found you psycho. Basically, you are talking consciously and subconsciously with yourself, so sometimes, you do not even know what you are talking about. So keep it private talk. After reading the whole article, just analyze is talking yourself bad or is talking yourself normal?


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