Indian Media Shows More Interest

Tariq Ghazni, an Afghan Taliban Associated Journalist, talk to an Indian news channel, Aaj Tak. He called as a guest in Anjana Om Kashyap’s show and targeted the Indian media hypocrisy and said that Indian media shows more interest in afghan women but does not even talk about How the Indian Army Deals With Kashmiri women.

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The Indian news anchor asked the Afghan journalist about the protest in Kabul by Afghan women in a very offensive manner and accused Afghan Taliban of torturing women. However, the Afghan journalist replied politely and denied all the claims of Indian media. He said that protest is everyone’s right, and the Afghan Taliban have not harmed protesting Afghan women.

Further, he also mentioned that Indian media is hypocritical and does not bat an eye on how their own armed forces treat Kashmiri women in Indian-occupied Kashmir. Instead, it tends to worry about Afghan women and falsely accuses the Afghan Taliban of torturing them.

Tariq Ghazni also told the news anchor that she was speaking as if she is bullying him and she needs to learn some ethics.


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