Kashmir dispute

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan called upon a meeting on Tuesday to discuss the Kashmir dispute between Pakistan and India. Since the independence between Pakistan and India, it is one of the major problems that cause both countries to fight with each other.

Therefore Tayyip Erdogan was there to give the solution to this problem on the basis of United Nations resolution. He greatly support Pakistan on the Kashmir issue and tried his best to overcome this conflict between these two neighboring countries.

While addressing the 76th session of the UN General Assembly Erdogan gave a speech by saying “We maintain our stance in favor of solving the ongoing problem in Kashmir for 74 years, through dialogue between the parties and within the framework of relevant United Nations resolutions.”

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As on previous 75th session of UNGA Turkish president had quoted that “The Kashmir conflict, which is also key to the stability and peace in South Asia, is still a burning issue. Steps were taken following the abolition of the special status of occupied Jammu and Kashmir further complicated the problem.”

His support for the Kashmir dispute caused a great protest in India that was declaring that the Kashmir issue is our internal affair. On this supportive gesture of Turkish President Dr. Ghulam Nabi Fai, secretary-general of Washington-based advocacy group World Kashmir Awareness Forum very warm welcome to him with few words of courtesy and friendliness. Dr. Ghulam appreciates Erdogan’s reference to the Kashmir issue.

President Erdogan desired to support these two neighboring countries by solving the Kashmir dispute among them. In his response, Dr. Ghulam said after witnessing the sufferings of Kashmiris “This is the only means of achieving a genuine and lasting peace in this volatile conflict.” He added, “they demand and they deserve peace.”


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