The shift in Pakistani Politics after the no confidence motion against PM Imran khan was dismissed by the deputy speaker of National Assembly by calling it against Article 5 of the constitution and the role of foreign powers(USA) seemed to be a local politics stunt at first by the observers and intellectuals but looking at the current developments it seems to be much more than that. It is some how connected to International high politics.

On a side where the No confidence move has not succeeded to its core motives of humiliating a DE famous Imran khan due to high inflation and political blunders but has also helped Imran khan in a way that any Possible opposition within PTI has been removed successfully. Defamation of Imran due to bad governance and inflation has been buried under the carpet. and a limited level of soft public opinion has been generated for Khan.

While China, Russia Lobby is getting powerful in Military and will take over after COAS Bajwa’s tenure (Ending in November probably). Election could be delayed till then.

China, Russia block merely minds any democratic or constitutional violations so all the current non democratic acts are just a beginning of much scenarios to occur.

Intentions are to make sure Imran Khan gets two 3rd majority that will make the path of presidential system an easy job. The dead lock now lies in the hands of Supreme court of Pakistan which has yet to decide but again with the possibility of such big fishes involved what ever may the decision be, a reaction will follow.

Changing the block has its own pros and cons. A new cold war has begun after the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the crises had direct effects on the current scenario. The world is going multi polar and the power of USA has been questioned by other powers. Imran khan can face severe consequences if he and his Northern and national allies fail. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto a former Prime minister of Pakistan was judicially assassinated when he dared to challenge the US hegemony. The oy question here is does Imran khan really wants to lead down on that road or is he simply trying to secure his power by any possible means. Nonetheless this is a dangerous path.

The biggest concern being a human rights advocate is the human rights situation in Pakistan and if power is going to be channelized more towards few sources its going to get more worse. The only thing in the case we are sure of are that we are heading towards a more Orwellian State(Authoritarian).

Usama Mumtaz

Note: Author is a Student of Governance and Public Policy, Works as a Political, Social and a Human Rights Advocate.


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