PTI leader Shahbaz Gill has claimed that former prime minister and PTI Chairman Imran Khan’s mobile phones were stolen after he disclosed at a rally in Sialkot that he had recorded a video message containing names of all those allegedly plotting to assassinate him.

On Saturday, Imran dropped a bombshell by claiming that an “assassination attempt” was being hatched against him – video evidence of which was kept in a “secure place”.

“I have named all those elements involved in the conspiracy in the video. I knew about it and I got full knowledge of it a few days ago,” he had said while addressing his party’s power show in Sialkot.

Two days after his speech, Gill said the government deliberately did not provide security to the PTI chief during his day-long visit to Sialkot “while his two cell phones were also stolen from the Sialkot airport”.

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“You are in a state of panic. The video statement that Khan has recorded is not to be found on these phones. After Imran Khan left for the venue, his phones had been stolen from the airport,” he wrote on his official Twitter handle.

پرسوں سیالکوٹ میں ایک طرف جان بوجھ کر عمران خان کو کوئی سیکورٹی پروائیڈ نہیں کی گئی اور دوسری طرف ان کے دو فون چوری کئے گئے۔ آپ تو بلکل بوکھلا گئے ہیں۔خان نے جو وڈیو بیان ریکارڈ کروایا ہے وہ ان فونوں سے نہیں ملنا۔عمران خان کے جلسہ گاہ جانے کے بعد ائیرپورٹ سے فون چوری کروائے گئے
— Dr. Shahbaz GiLL (@SHABAZGIL) May 16, 2022

Earlier today, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif directed Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah to boost Imran’s security amid alleged threats to his life.

PM Shehbaz, after getting a detailed briefing from the interior ministry, directed Sanaullah to deploy a chief security officer with Imran.

The premier also asked the provincial government to provide security to the PTI chief during political gatherings and rallies.

In a statement, the spokesperson for the interior ministry said that as per the orders of the PM, Imran has been provided “foolproof security”.

It said at least 94 security personnel, including 22 Islamabad policemen, have been deployed at Bani Gala, the residence of Imran Khan. Similarly, 36 policemen from Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa and six cops from Gilgit-Baltistan have been deployed to protect the former premier.


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