MANSEHRA: Jamiat Ulema-i-Islam-Fazl emir Maulana Fazlur Rehman on Sunday said that PTI chief Imran Khan wanted to create a political and economic mess in the country through resignation of his party’s lawmakers from assemblies but he would never be able to accomplish his design.

“Imran Khan could hardly assemble 10,000 people. He threatened to quit assemblies to destabilise the country on economic and political fronts, but his conspiracy would never meet a success,” he told a public gathering in Dasu, the district headquarters of Upper Kohistan.

Mr Rehman, who is also chief of Pakistan Democratic Movement, said that almost all political parties were part of the national government to put the country on the track of prosperity and development but Imran Khan wanted to bring instability to the country.

“I have been kicking off my election campaign from here and would also form the next government in the country,” he said. He claimed that Imran Khan would not reach the power arena in the country again.

JUI-F chief to kick off election campaign from Kohistan

The JUI-F emir defended Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), Pak Army and Chief of Army Staff Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa as patriotic entities and questioned as to why Imran Khan was targeting them.

He said that former prime minister Imran Khan politically victimised his rivals and put them behind bars through the use of National Accountability Bureau by labelling everyone a thief.

“This national government never believes in political victimisation and putting rivals behind bars. We would never retaliate. That’s why we amended NAB’s and all such laws which were against humanity and justice,” he said.

The JUI-F chief said that Imran Khan was saying that he victimised politicians on the directions of establishment. “This country is now out of the rule of Zionists and their agents. The Sharia-based economic system is going to be put in place shortly as the government has withdrawn its appeals against the federal Shariat Court’s usury-free economy ruling,” he added.

He said that Kohistan districts were also badly affected by recent flash floods triggered by the monsoon rains and the national government came to rescue them.

“We reached the flood-affected families across the country without discrimination of Muslim or non-Muslim. We served Sikhs, Christians

and Hindus as Islam orders its followers to serve humanity without the discrimination of sex and creed,” said Mr Rehman.

He said that his party was struggling for the rule of law and supremacy of Constitution and Sharia in the country.

Published in Dawn, November 28th, 2022

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