deal with Disappointment

Before moving towards ” How to deal with disappointment” I want to clarify that what actually disappointment is in psychological terms? Basically, it’s an emotion that triggers something that goes beyond your expectations or you never expected that happened to be.

For example, giving exams is also consider a risky action if you are not well prepared. So when you gave the exam without preparation you end up with disappointment after your final result.

Because you never put that much effort into that so obviously you have to face disappointment. Similarly when you are happy and suddenly some situation goes wrong and that also leads you to disappointment. Therefore on some end expectations leads to disappointment so never expect from anyone.

how to deal with disappointment
Coping with disappointment

There are certain other emotions i-e aggression, acute stress, low self-esteem, depression, guilt, etc are also lead to disappointment. It depends on a person to coping with disappointment because it varies from stage to stage. That which level of intensity you are facing psychological issues that lead you to disappointment. Dealing with disappointment is tough but not impossible.

How to deal with disappointment is a genre that you need to be fully aware of.  And further what are the root cause that moves you towards disappointment. So that’s how you will be able to come to know what was the root cause behind that. Once you get the root cause of your disappointment that disturbing you and emotionally letting you down. Then find ways to cope with disappointment. 

Causes of disappointment

These kinds of emotions are complex that need a human to grow and survive in society. It helps them to think about their sense of mistakes and understandings about life. Which they reversely doing even they know the consequences. But still, they commit that mistake again and again ultimately they end up with disappointment.

Several major reasons cause the factors of disappointment :

Arrival fallacy

This term is used in psychology to clear the concept of dealing with disappointment. That sometimes OUR goals become a cause of disappointment. For example when started excessively focusing on your goals and struggling hard to meet them.

Besides that these types of goals also let us in a state of unhappiness and dissonance about life and goals. Therefore this situation also leads us to disappointment. The point is we excepting positive responses from such acts but unfortunately, we fail to get that response in nature.

Expectations from external factors

It’s obvious the more you expect the more you get hurt and disappointed actually it’s an experienced formula of getting disappointed. When we can not be able to connect our authentic self with the surroundings we live in so that also hurts our ego and end us in disappointment and dissimilarity. 

Childhood experiences

Sometimes it happens that in childhood days we experience such events. That badly affect the mind and becomes a cause of disappointment when we recall them in the present age. Because once again you experience that childhood event in adulthood you will utterly go through disappointment and stress. If that event is any traumatic event or is like.

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How To Deal with disappointment?

Cope with disappointment is a bit difficult task to do but not impossible to perform. Once you decided that you have to deal up with this fussy situation then nothing will cause a hindrance in your way. At a minor level, people can easily dig out their problem but once when this problem reaches a bigger level than it will be difficult for an individual to handle. 

Here are several ways that will help you to deal with disappointment.

  • Try to let go of your problems, if you are in any emotional state it can be anger, sorrow, guilt, or whatever. So you have to examine that emotion by yourself first. Then if you feel that this is not going to handle by you then take someone in your confidence and share the reason with them. If yes you are coping with your problem alone then try to dig out the problem and then let it go.
  • Try to get closer to someone with whom you can feel that you are secure. And share the reasons for being a disappointment. Perhaps they may give valuable advice to cope with your situation.
  • For few psychological problems that including depression, anxiety, personality disorder, superiority complex, disappointment, etc . I would highly recommend my readers to journal their problems. Once you start journaling you will come to realize your mistakes, your vulnerability, your authentic self. Because jotting down about self is the most effective and mindful thing to do.
  • Always try to know yourself from an inner perspective and balance the external values and your inner values together. So that they do not lead you to disappointment. 
coping with disappointment

Final Thoughts

How to deal with disappointment is a major concern. But disappointment on its own does not always count as a bad concept. Because in life every single thing has two perspectives to live one is negative and the other is positive. Similarly, disappointment also has a positive side it helps us to grow mentally. And teach us about our failures and mistakes. As once Winston Churchill said,

“Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm.” 

At some point, it may tease you but on the other side of your life’s chapter. It teaches you a lot to improve yourself and groom your personality. I’m also facing this situation of disappointment a lot in life till now. But I have learned a lot from it. Still, I’m trying to cope with disappointment. 

Because one should believe in oneself that this thing not gonna destroy them but in fact. It will help them to see the world from a different perspective. Disappointment is just an emotion that is in your choice because sometimes we face disappointment because of our own blunders.

Therefore that situation is in our hands to make it not happened to us. So try to avoid useless blunders and if you do blunder in your life then learn from it and make sure that it will not happen again. And you must know how to deal with disappointment.


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