Cryptocurrency Hackers

Hackers stole about $600m from Blockchain site Poly Network in the largest cryptocurrency heist in history. An attacker exploited a weakness in Poly Network’s system and stole digital tokens such as Ethereum. In addition, Poly Network was hacked for fun and by the attacker as a challenge, Chainalysis said.

After stealing a handsome amount of cryptocurrency the hackers left a Twitter message that they will return all those stolen amounts and after few hours of being hacked the hackers were started paying back the amount from the little amount and then they send millions to them.

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Chief executive of Binance, Changpeng Zhao has quoted that you should be aware of this if hackers could do this much then they can do anything more than that. Keep your security check alert. Poly Network is decentralized finance or Defi provider, that allows crypto users to transfer their tokens from one blockchain to another different network. This would really be insecure and unsafe for the users and for the crypto handlers.

Ether and Binance these two terms of cryptocurrency acquired autonomously therefore they have to run these both values together to maintain the level in their amounts. Due to a huge loss, the market has to face so much downfall $681m, if comparing from previous figures $1.9bn for the whole of 2020 and $4.5bn in 2019 and in 2021 they again fell into robbery crime in which they loss $600m.


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