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Why do all ideologies claim that they have an absolute system to make this world a better place to live? Why all faiths guaranteed the final success?

Many questions of this type can create a lot of paradoxes in minds. Some intellectuals constructed the ideologies and modified existed schools of thought with the passage of time. And now, in the twenty-first century we have many more claims like communists believe, “one day under the rule of world congress the world will be an ideal state”. After the cold war, many declared that the history of conflicts ended up and the world will progress under capitalism.

All these utopian concepts are borrowed from different schools of religion. Let us see in the big picture.


In Deuteronomy, the fifth book of Jewish Torah, terms are being used like “holy people” and the idea of Israelites “God-chosen nation on earth” can be found directly. A lot of Rabbinic literature illustrating why Jewish are created by God for a specific purpose and justify in many situations that a Jewish is on the holy mission suggested by God.

The idea of Israelites elaborates that, Jews are the selected people of God and he has the ultimate right to enjoy all the land under their control. That’s why they believe in restoring the original Jewish kingdom. In short Jews have a fundamental belief that all states under their direct or indirect control can prosper well. That’s why they are working hard and a lot of states are in their indirect control across the globe. It is their biggest achievement as compared to their population.

These ideas gave them an open check to go in conflict with other states. Many Arab-Israel conflicts explain that how Jews want to dominate the region.


In Islam, it is mentioned more clearly that “and God had chosen the way of Islam for you” Sura al Maida. As a Muslim, I believe that it is the most updated version in the history of religion. But unfortunately, it is misinterpreted in every field of life and the political evolution has been destroyed under all Islamic regimes.

Islam has also a just war theory, many Hadith and verses from the Quran elaborate how and when war should be fought and against whom you have to be prepared for war. The famous line from the Quran that “fight till the complete end of Fitna” actually narrates that, protect humanity from evil, fight against terrorism, and many other problems which are posing a threat to human survival.

Many Muslim regimes constructed ideologies for their purpose and dragged nations into the bloody business.


In original christen texts and the writings of Sant Augustine and Aquinas, we can find the course of war. Christens belief that Jesus Christ was the son of God and he allows them to claim that the whole world can be managed by the teachings of God’s son.

Jesus said in Matthew 10:34 that “he came not to bring peace, but a sword “and in Luke 22:36 “he who had no swords should sell his garments to buy one”. The history of the Roman Empire with Christianity as the official religion throws light on the question that, why crusades?

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Do religions support the war?

The above-mentioned arguments illustrate that religion provides a basic reason to fight. But, all religious doctrines of war are not offensive, rather they emphasize defensive move. For example, in Judaism, it is clearly mentioned in Deuteronomy that, the ultimate purpose of war should be to retain peace. Children and women should be safe under Jews siege and even trees and plants should not be destroyed.

In Islam, the ethics of war also provide assistance to unarmed people and define that to whom the war should be fought. Fitna, violence created by any group of people, whether it is organized or unorganized, should be erased forever. To fight against tyrant regimes that are involved in massacres of their own people whether they are Muslims are not.

In Christianity, the ultimate purpose of the use of force is to protect the innocent people from cruel, to maintain social justice and to retain the universal moral values.

Can we escape from the dirty business?

Most of the religious doctrines of war suggest a limited war. To secure the ultimate goals and for the ethnic and national interest of a group. So, the balance of power remains at equilibrium in all dynamic situations.

All the holy wars are seemingly unholy if we analyze them according to the national interests of states. For example, the early crusades and Ghzwa were to protect the national interest of christen and Muslims respectively and to spread their faiths.

Mearsheimer, U.S diplomate, in his famous book “Tragedy of great power politics” stated that “most of the people in the world think of the war that, it is the clash of good and evil, where they are standing by with angel and their counterparts are aligned with devil. Actually, war is the conflict of interests among states”. Von De Clausewitz, A famous German war theorist, in his book “On the war” states that,
war is the continuation of politics by other means”.

In Judaism, the word “Shalom” means peace and Islam is the Arabic term for peace while in Christianity, it is emphasized that those who love their enemy and play important role in peacemaking and bring harmony to the world are dear to God as children are dear to father. They are the most blessed people of God on the planet.

Many disputes are being solved through religious conflict resolution theory. For example, the role of the world council of churches in the Sudanese civil war and the Muslim brotherhood concept in the Iran Iraq war to normalize the peace process.

States provide a religious ideology to wage a war and stole the sympathy of the masses, as the masses are mostly not well educated religiously. They have some fundamental believes and do practice their religious duties through repeated physical actions and lips services.

After getting control of national interest are losing the war, states tend to provide a religious logic to normalize the tensions. Most people accept the truce and declare victory over their counterparts but the war ends with the end of the conflict of interests snd disasters. Nations are unaware of the religious hypocrisy of states and thus are being played in the hands of a group.


The world is shrunk into a global village. This world is as diverse as this universe. A lot of utopian ideologies are still claiming that the world under their rule will be an absolutely ideal place. But it will never happen. All these utopians claim that they are doing this dirty business for peace in every nook and corner of the globe are now not acceptable because, after four to five decades the impact of technology will change the minds of masses.

There will be a worse world at that time than it is now. So there is a dire need for redesigning the International community. What we have to do is that ethnic disputes need to be resolved through multi approaches. Not a single system can overrule the world and nor we can make all the world population Muslim, Christen, Jews, or any other religious mass.

Religious values of ethics and peace should be rethink collectively and harmony should be promoted along the religious borders. States are religious hypocrites. Religion should not be used as a political tool during a win-win situation in the disputes of national interests. Cooperation among states on religious bases should be promoted so that every state respects the religious diaspora of other states. People love trees, animals, and products but don’t hesitate to kill other people because countries propagate them to move according to the will of states instead of according to the will of people.

This universe is for all, all the religions allow their counterparts to live in this world. The use of religion to gain power is an old tradition. There should be a boundary for leaders who use religion to gain power internally and for strategic gains externally. The radicalism from all religious texts should be removed.

Those leaders who have a soft corner for the so-called freedom fighters of their religion or any type of religious militia should question by the International community. And there is a dire need for international debates of political leaders, experts, scholars, and religious figures of every religion to minimize the future religious tensions among states. All global politics is the politics of state interests, warlords, capitalists, and terror groups.

These all actors are involving religion in politics to get their interests and the masses are being played in their hands. Instead of fighting with each other, we have to fight against terrorism, global disasters, and abrupt changes of environments should be the religious duty of every human.

Written by: WAQAR AHMAD (The writer is an independent researcher of global politics)


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