17-Years-Old Syeda Fatima Zehra Calligraphed Surah-e-Rehman in the Form of Pakistani Flag in 6 days to celebrate 14th August in a unique way.

She is 2nd year College Student and for the past 7 years she is into debating and has been doing debates on media channels past 2 years, also became the semifinalist 2020 on TvOne.

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She was impressed by the calligraphy of Amna Siddiqui and after that, she made this calligraphy for independence day in 6 days.

Currently, she is also running an educational YouTube channel named “The Educational Database” and she was only 13 yrs old when she started it. She is also a part of 50 young ambassadors from Pakistan to represent the country.

She is working as a professional content writer and along with that is associated with various organizations and NGOs of Pakistan i.e social media head of Vision of Pakistan, member of the learning circle, member of Jinnah ka Pakistan.


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