Geological over view:

Tribal areas have almost 27220 Sq km, and only 8.2% area are Maped geologically. Recently research on kheyber agency tell us that sedimentary rocks belt attract from kheyber agency to waziristan having the potential of presence of hydrocarbon.


Kheyber pakhtoon khwa and tribal areas are blessed with the variety of expensive minerals with marbles, Gypsum, Granite and other minerals such as gold etc.


These sectors have alot of importance for economy. As large amounts of Minerals of expensive white marble specially in Muhammad agency, having Grey colored marble in bajour agency and other orakzai and waziristan. Only in waziristan, almost 20,000 labour’s are connected with marble industry.


Although having a lots of plausible for growth, the gemstone sector didn’t reach yet to its actuall liking stage as an industry in FATA. Some of geological research shows the availability of expensive stones and rocks in the north of waziristan where Gems has been found. White Granite are identified in bajour and South waziristan. But unfortunately, these reserves are still hidden from eyes of government and not properly discovered.


In North Waziristan, the predicted reserve of 35 million tones has been identified with confirmed reserve of 8 million tons. 20,000 predicted if government start working on this project.

Copper mountains in waziristan


Fata have potential potential of high quality coal. Coal is currently refining but in a very limited scale using old and outdated mining techniques. Large reserves of coal has been identified in “DERA ADAM KHIYL” waziristan.

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The economy of tribal region and whole country can strengthen with the help of tribal areas rich mineral wealth. The land of fata are known to be the land of rich and expensive minerals. Some effort have been took by government to mine the the rich natural resources or God gifted resources of fata. Such as copper, marble, Gypsum in official way which will be an ara of progress and prosperity in the most backward tribal areas and also for whole country.

Bajour tribal region have huge resources of magnesium, chromite, and marlbal. Muhammad region is has marbles, chromite, silica and sand dolomite resources. Same as orakzai agency is also have more potential of natural resources. Orakzai region has coal, iron oil and gas resources. South waziristan agency have lush green mountains with full of natural resources. S waziristan have luckiest in copper, GOLD, chromite, marble, Granite, oil and natural gas resources and also have hunge amount of reserve of all these natural resources.

Unfortunately 70% of marble are waste during mining of marble by using old mining methods and techniques. Fata is region is just like blessings of almighty for Pakistan. As the richest site of country due to huge resources of expensive minerals. Government of Pakistan isn’t interested yet to explore and discover the minerals of tribal areas, specially on waziristan.

That the mountain of waziristan have mountains of platinum and chromite etc, waziristan are still in war like situation since 1935 and till now for its healthy land mountains which is full of natural resources. The hope haven’t materialized that what is known to be the world largest deposit of GOLD and copper, despite of having richest natural resources, unfortunately, rearing cow and sheeps was and now are stil the way of income for tribal peoples.


Fata have world largest deposit of rich minerals. Government aren’t interested in discovery of Minerals in tribal areas, or having lack of potential to discover. Due to illiteracy, people of fata didn’t know about there natural resources and still rearing cow and sheeps in this 21st century. Tribal areas are still war zone for its natural resources. Most of natural resources are wasted due to old method of mining.

Written By: Atifullah Khan (The author is a student of NUML, Mass Com Dep)



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