With strong undertones of love, religion and mysticism, Sajal Aly and Azaan Sami Khan-starrer Ishq-e-Laa quickly grabbed the audience’s attention and became a favourite. In its latest episode, the drama took a tragic turn with the death of Shanaya (Sajal Aly’s character). Pakistani Twitter is mourning the death of the ‘life of the show’ as they call out the questionable acting skills of Khan as Azlan.

Shocked by Shanaya’s death, Aly’s brilliant acting prowess wowed the audience. So much so, the Mom star’s portrayal of Shanaya will be remembered by her fans for years to come. Unsure about how the story will continue without Aly, here’s what the fans have to say about the latest episode.

We need more Shanayas
The micro-blogging site is collectively gushing over the Khel Khel Mein star’s memorable performance. Her bold and independent character resonated with the majority. Aly’s hold on her character became an “inspiration for young girls balancing family and their career aspirations.”

Shanaya is superwoman in all manner she takes care of her own house , Azka’s house and her office with a great balance & with same great energy
She should be a great example of our society. Yes she is inspiring and aspiring too 💯🔥#ishqelaa #sajalaly pic.twitter.com/WviTvIJSNt
— Umama PeerZadi (@PeerZadi99) January 14, 2022

she was so good today. her expressions were top notch. she made me cry. shanaya was such a rare soul and the bravest one ik till date. shanaya had such a huge impact on the audiences. they could have continued this character. you will be missed a lot shanaya 🥺#ishqelaa pic.twitter.com/MHzslANAvz
— s.🥑/kohli🤍• TS🧣 (@iamautumnspark) January 13, 2022


Since d first promo aired knew that Shanaya would die but today’s episode was heavy!Couldn’t control tears while watching it. #SajalAly is a brilliant actor.She doesn’t need words to portray,her eyes & expressions talk as well. @Iamsajalali.
Was watching #Ishqelaa for her only.
— Ayesha Saeed (@Ayesha2Saeed) January 13, 2022

A Twitter user felt Shanaya left the drama “too early” but paid homage to her character for leaving a “huge impact on the audience” by sacrificing her life for justice and loved ones.

Shanaya had such a huge impact on the audience. She was literally an inspiration and a role model for many people. I wish she didn’t have to die.😭
#SajalAly as Shanaya will always be remembered. 🙃#Ishqelaa pic.twitter.com/G1cMIN9VKI
— Chohdhry Irfan (@AmIrfanJutt) January 14, 2022

Many felt her death scene was rather emotional, given her “top-notch” expressions. People even expressed their grief through memes. 

The exact emotions I felt when I saw Shanaya die😐💔💔#IshqeLaa pic.twitter.com/LbiB35wlAv
— Wafa Choudhary (@WafaChoudhary2) January 13, 2022

Stop crying it’s just a scene#Ishqelaa

the scene: pic.twitter.com/RxAo1JzR5z
— Emaن (@the_sparklingme) January 14, 2022

Now only PSL can take away the gham of Shanaya’s death😭#IshqeLaa pic.twitter.com/T3yxahMvBC
— Amna (@Amnasiddique11) January 13, 2022

Shanaya deserved better

Twitter was quick to point out Azka (Yumna Zaidi’s) character, who often cries at the slightest discomfort, did not show any grief at Shanaya’s death. They expressed that a role so inspiring and loved should have received a more “genuine-looking” response.

Sorry but this scene made me so pissed I swear…Poor Shanaya lost her FREAKING LIFE for them and they couldn’t even show genuine sympathy for her…They were just shocked…I was expecting them Atleast to cry a lil…

• #Ishqelaa pic.twitter.com/OmLHGEil5U
— *Exams Era* (@JawedAmal) January 13, 2022

Shanaya deserved a better death tbh, not that well written, Azlaan acting….. Azka’s reaction was so meh i was expecting a good breakdown.
The death seemed rushed they could build up a lil bit more but okay regardless that Character was the only light in the show
— Rabiya (@rabiyaisamess) January 14, 2022

literally miss azka played by yumna is crying over the littlest things and needs an excuse to cry but her reaction to the news of shanaya’s death is so hilarious like girl doesnt care ??? excuse me??? shanaya helped you so much like eff off w that #ishqelaa
— 𝔃𝓮𝔂 (@zeynepshah) January 13, 2022

Azlan failed to deliver

While the singer received initial praise for his acting skills, this episode turned out to be a downer for him. A flock of fans seem upset with Khan’s acting, specifically in the latest episode, calling his casting a result of “nepotism.” Netizens think his underwhelming performance made an important scene “cringe-worthy”. Many opined Khan didn’t do justice to a character who had just lost his wife.

This is what nepotism can do, ruin the whole experience of a show. These scenes were supposed to cause goosebumps, yet I had to skip through them to avoid the cringe acting. Azlan seems more like a spoiled brat than someone who is grieving his wife’s death. #Ishqelaa pic.twitter.com/RvuyNgov6t
— 𝐞𝐬𝐡𝐚𝐥 ♡ (@_euphoria_18) January 13, 2022

Another user felt that “what could’ve been a goosebump act” felt like a normal scene.

#IshqELaa was SO underwhelming when it was supposed to be the most impactful one yet. #AzaanSamiKhan is a total miscast, he is unable to handle the lead role and is extremely uncomfortable to watch.
— . (@meusamorr) January 14, 2022

I havent commented on Azaan’s performance & have been giving him the space as this is his debut. But today, when Sajal was fantastic, Azaan was unbearable. This episode was supposed to leave an effect on me, but with such a poor performance & direction – it was a flop#IshqeLaa
— Riz 🇵🇸 (@adambaizar) January 13, 2022

Really heartbreaking episode of #ishqelaa But We are all let down by weak actors. I was hoping Azaan Was just restrained but the big emotional scenes required were just beyond his abilities Who cast him in such a pivotal role ? Why not do smaller roles & learn ?
— Sadaf Haider صدف حیدر (@tomtomatoe) January 14, 2022


As promised in the teaser, viewers hope for the show to take a spiritual turn for Azlan’s character as he navigates through the loss of his beloved wife. They’re also curious to see how the love arc would establish between Azlan and Azka as the show progresses.

Written by Qaisera Hayat, Ishq-e-Laa marked the acting debut of the Ik Lamha crooner. It follows the storyline of Aly as Shanaya, a religious and modest journalist treading risky territories. Shanaya eventually falls in love and marries Azlan, an arrogant corporate high-flier. Meanwhile, the story also focuses on a love triangle with Zaidi as Azka and Azlan.

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