In the Holy month of Ramadan, where the people are trying not to get infected by Coronavirus. This is the best way to survive in a country like Pakistan or any other country.​ The Holy month of Ramadan teaches us all the fundamental decorums that are vital for a prosperous society. Such as equality, justice, gratitude, etc. For a nation to survive, the crucial step is to be equal to everyone.

As of beginning, the motive behind the independent state of Pakistan was that the people of Islam could practice their religious norms without anyone impeding.
The picture is of Mr. Jamshed Erik, whose ancestors baptized and became Christians, and escaping from the work they were forced to do as The low caste Hindus.

When the subcontinent broke up in 1947, The state of Pakistan established for the region of Muslims. This resulted in an informal system of discrimination. Muslims sitting on the top of the hierarchy with minorities doing the dirty work.
Every day before entering the sewers Mr. Eric prays to Jesus for his safety inside the sewer. The work is grueling and he enters with no safety masks or gloves cleaning the clogged sewers with his bare hands.

It’s a difficult job,” Mr. Eric said. In the gutter, often the swarms of cockroaches are surrounding by me. After a long day, the stench of his work lingers even at home, a constant reminder of his place in life. When I raise my hand to my mouth to eat, it smells of sewage,” He said.
A latter spate of deaths of Christian sewage workers underscores the discrimination to the minorities.
In July, the Pakistani military placed newspaper advertisements for sewer sweepers with the caveat that only Christians should apply. After the protests of the activists, the religious requirement removed So Mr. Eric who is of 41, got approximately $6 for cleaning three sewers.

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Mr. Erics sends his offspring to a school distant from home. So that he could study and also remove the blockade that has been resisting their community from entering the other jobs rather than Sewer cleaning. Back home, his house saw an environment that lacks clean water, has swarms of mosquitoes

When the municipality tried to recruit Muslims to unclog gutters, they refused to get down into the sewers. Instead of sweeping the streets. This job merely left for Christians like Mr. Eric, known derogatorily as “choora,” or dirty.
While Christians make up only 1.6 percent of Pakistan’s population of some 200 million, according to a 1998 government census, rights groups believe they fill about 80 percent of the sweeper jobs. Lower-caste Hindus mostly fill the rest of the slots.
Mr. Eric feels it is only a matter of time before he dies on the job. But he hopes his son can excel in school. Also, lso shake off the discrimination that has plagued the family for generations.

“After hearing of the deaths in the gutters, I think about what will happen to my family if I die,” Mr. Eric said. “But Jesus Christ will take care of them.”

“I don’t care about my life as long as I can provide my family with a decent living.”

Written By: Haroon Rauf

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