Coronavirus has positive Effects on the environment

Coronavirus Effects On The Environment

The start of 2020 brings so many difficulties for not only a single country but the whole world. The spread of COVID-19 causes almost 165,759 deaths worldwide. Today, the world faces 2,418,845 total cases of coronavirus outbreak. On the contrary, everything in the world has 2 faces. COVID-19 effects the life of humans, the unemployment rate is high nowadays. Everyone is in isolation, they are feeling insecure. This economic disaster causes great depression throughout the world. On one hand, COVID-19 has affected all aspects of human lives negatively while on the other hand, to our surprise, it has proved that Coronavirus has positive effects on the environment.

Green Gas Emission: 

Due to COVID-19, the Green Gas Emission has decreased. In most of the regions and cities, the level of CO2 has also fallen. Research in Columbia University told that the emission of carbon monoxide, mainly from cars, decreases 50% from last year. Why does this happen? It is because of the social distancing of people due to fear of COVID-19. thus, Coronavirus has positive effects on the environment.

NO2 falls in Wuhan

In the above picture, we have a clear image of different dates. How the fear of coronavirus has a positive effect on the environment. There is a 35% reduction in traffic nowadays throughout the world. From past days, China and Italy have also recorded a notable fall in Nitrogen dioxide.

In other countries, most of the people are working from their homes. So they are not using their cars. The emission of different gases reduces there too. As responsible and civilized people in the world, we have to learn from our mistakes. If a lockdown can affect the environment positively then we can control the emission of gases and save the environment. According to research, if we follow the pattern of working from homes then we can reduce about 300 MILLION tonnes of carbon emissions per year.

Air Pollution: 

One main effect on the environment is that we are witnessing the fresh air nowadays due to coronavirus. NASA observed the drop in air pollution in China’s Hubei province. This drop-in air pollution causes a positive effect on animals and birds also.

effects on the environment. birds fly in lockdown

Nature is facing the best part of itself due to the lockdown worldwide. Animals are moving freely and fearlessly. This proves that we humans played the worst role to destroy this beautiful environment. Now nature is avenging humans for their activities.

Water Pollution

As we know that the causes of water pollution are totally depending on humans activities. Nowadays, other positive effects on the environment from the coronavirus have been seen in different regions. As tourists are not allowed in any place due to lockdown. The canals of Venice are cleaner than they have been in the past.

Olive Ridley sea turtles: 

As India is also in lockdown, on the coast of the eastern state of Odisha, over 475,000 endangered Olive Ridley sea turtles have come on the shores to dig their nests and lay eggs.

olive ridley sea turtle in odisha

Effects On The Environment After Lockdown

If governments of every country did not start the cleaner energy program then this clean environment won’t stay longer. After lockdown every one will start its normal life, again nature will face the problem of air pollution and water pollution. So governments must plan for a cleaner infrastructure. We need to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels. This is the right time to shift them old and dangerous ways to new and cleaner processes.

You can suggest us different ways in comments that can make the environment cleaner after lockdown?

Read a detail report of National Geographic and BBC


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